Friday, 26 October 2012

Around My Home

My $150 Living Room

My Living Room- which is by far my favourite room in my home- was put together when I moved in for about $150. Sound Crazy? Let's see....

Chair- swap with friends for a Chaise that didn't work for me anymore
Desk- freebie
Wardrobe- Kijiji find $20

Futon- freebie
Side Table- thrifted, set of 3 $14.99

Crate, Rooster, Gas Pump- thrifted $3-$5 each

eeeek....didn't realize it was so dusty up there.....

Bookshelf (possibly my favourite find ever)- thrifted $12.99


A photo of Hamilton purchased at an Art Crawl on James Street N. - $10

Bulletin Board- thrifted $5


I love to display my son's art.

Frames- thrifted $5 each


Futon- freebie

Coffee Table- thrifted $10

Pillows, Baskets, Tray, Plant- thrifted + freebies
                    $0- $5 each
Chair with Couch- Swap
Side Table- thrifted, set of 3 $14.99
So, I really do believe that it is safe to say that I furnished this room for around $150. This is not a difficult thing to do, but it does take patience. It can take time to check thrift stores (the BEST in this area for furniture is Rescued and Restored), check and double-check Kijiji, and ask around from friends and family.

I also realize that my decor style is not everyone's cup of tea. and that's ok, too. I love that my home is comfortable and feels lived-in. I love that I'm not worried about my kids ruining anything I own or I don't sweat it if I spill my red wine....  And I love that I can just kick back with some said wine and a library book- or a used CD recently purchased on Amazon- and feel truly blessed.

I hope you all find what you love.


  1. As a fellow Thunder Bayer - earth dweller - christian - thrift lover - and mother to two boys, I'm excited to see this blog! My mom (your mom's friend) sent me the link. Can't wait to see what else you post!