Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More Repurposing Ideas

As I have mentioned before- I LOVE repurposing! I love the creativity behind it. I love the green-ness of it. I love the thrifty-ness of it. I just LOVE it.
Here are some very creative ideas of how to repurpose items that you may have around your home right now. I found these ideas on some of my favourite sites: Pinterest, marYvelous Cakes, & Humblepie- lifestyle concept shop (located on James N).
An old book becomes a functioning clock


Tuna cans become drawer organizers


A plastic water bottle top helps to keep food fresh


 Tic-tac containers become a cute way to keep spices fresh

 A binder clip keeps your beer in place in your fridge

An expired credit card becomes 3 guitar pics (At Humblepie for $3). love.

 By punching some holes in the top, an empty jar becomes a green air freshener

 A fork becomes a curtain tie-back

 A baking tray becomes an adorable calendar

Bundt cake pans become sweet flower lamps

 A wine glass becomes a lamp- at my place it would be turned back into a wine glass frequently

My favourite- a toilet paper roll becomes a small gift box

And, by punching some holes in these small jars, you end up with adorable salt & pepper shakers
Well, that's all for this rainy Tuesday. Stay dry and warm and creative everyone!


  1. Love these ideas. My favorite is the bunt pan lights and tic tac containers for spices! Awesome!

  2. So some things I wonder...

    1. Aren't plastic water bottles horrible for the environment? Why are you buying them in the first place?
    2. How do you hold your papers together? Doesn't the moisture from the fridge affect them?
    3. Does the baking soda stay fresh in the jar? If not, what do you use to bake then?
    4. Isn't eating with your fingers considered rude?
    5. Won't the calendar get ruined when you put the baking sheet in the oven and then in the dishwasher?
    6. Most bundt pans don't come in those colours and I worry about the toxic effects of baking the paint.


    1. Wow Ian, those are some great questions. I'll try my best to answer them.

      Generally, repurposing is used to find a brand new purpose for an item, not for the item to be able to do both purposes at the same time. For instance, Once you make a book into a clock, you could not go back and read that book one day. Does that make sense?

      I thought the same thing when I saw the water bottle idea. But, alas, as hard as I try to only use reusable bottles- somehow I STILL end up with a disposable bottle or two in my house. Or, you could get one from a friend, I'm sure. Or, you could get one on the street when it's recycling day. :)

      I would suggest using an old fork that you don't need, or grabbing one from a thrift store to tie back your curtains, rather than using the only one that you use to eat with everyday....