Wednesday, 31 October 2012

On The Hunt For...

Making the decision to buy everything only second-hand a couple of years ago wasn't taken lightly. It wasn't even made quickly. It was more of an organic movement inside myself that I couldn't stop. I knew it wouldn't be easy. There would be no one-stop-shopping. But, once I made the decision, I haven't looked back. And I love everything about it now. 

I thought that it may be fun to post things that I am looking for and then document how long it took me to find them, how many stores I had to go to, etc...

Right now I am on the lookout for:

* Some small wooden blocks for my one-year-old

* Boys winter boots in sizes 7 and 13

* A boy's snowsuit size 5 (or maybe 6)

Let the hunt begin. :)

* Update #1:

Wow, that was fast! I found out that the daycare at my church was giving away a bunch of wooden blocks, and recieved them the very next day.

* Update #2:

Today (Friday November 2) I had some time, so I went into the Bibles for Missions thrift store. I did not find any boots or a snowsuit, but I did grab a few cute shirts to try on:

This H&M blouse was only $4! Didn't love it on me, though.

I really loved this floral top- but it did nothing for me.

This is the one that I left with. This pic really doesn't do it justice. It is really flattering and is nice and long. I'll post a pic of me in it once I get the fashion section underway...hopefully soon....
Black Blouse- $4
Here it is on....cute, huh??

After that, I decided to run into the Value Village on Upper Wellington. JACKPOT! I found the size 7 boots, and a snowsuit.

Boys Coat- $10
Boys Snowpants- $8

Boys Boots- $2.49

AND, it's stamp time again. Fill up a stamp card (every $5 spent gets a stamp) and recieve 30% off your next purchase. Can't beat that.
As for the size 13 boots, my mother just let me know that she picked some up in Thunder Bay and will bringing them down next visit.
Photos to come.

All in all a very successful hunt. And, I found it all within a few days of deciding to look. Now- it doesn't always happen that fast- but for me, the hunt is half the fun!
Total cost of all the items on my list: $20.49
Extras 'stumbled upon': Blouse $4
Happy hunting to all! :)

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