Sunday, 28 October 2012

Repurposing Items

Bathroom Repurposing Fun

The bathroom is usually such a small space, I find it the easiest place to have a little fun in. I love to find and use things for other purposes than what they were intended for.

For instance, this silver tray and creamer and sugar bowl set became a beautiful spot for my Q-tips and cotton balls.

Tray- thrifted $3
Creamer & Sugar Bowl- thrifted $6 set

This very pretty silver dessert tray became a spot to store my favourite jewelry.

Dessert Tray- thrifted $5

This adorable little cupboard (or maybe it was a spice rack?) became a medicine cabinet.

Cupboard- thrifted $5
*All items were found at Value Village (Hamilton mountain location) over a couple of visits.
Again, if you have something in mind that you are looking for, in my experience, you will find it. Just stay patient, and it- or something even better will catch your eye.
For repurposing items, I generally have to have the time and patience to browse the shelves and let my imagination decide what these treasures could turn out to be in my home. That little cupboard for instance, I have owned for a year. But I loved it dearly and knew that one day I would have a place for it. Then I moved into a home with no medicine cabinet. Divine intervention?.... Perhaps....

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