Thursday, 8 November 2012

And Then There Was Light...

In this post I plan to 'shed some light' (haha) on some more repurposing ideas- specifically focusing on...lights. And lamps. And chandeliers. And... well- you see where I'm going with this, yes?
I found most of these repurposing ideas on Pinterest - if you haven't spent many hours a day 'pinning' various pictures that you feel pertain to you or your life in some way- you are missing out. But not to fret! I have spent endless hours sifting through ideas for you. And these are some of my favourites.
And really- what can I say about our need for lighting? Especially now that the nights are getting longer and darker. This time of year we need it to eat our breakfast in the morning, eat our dinner at night, read our books by and to stare into our loved ones eyes.
Here are some very creative ways to turn everyday items into lighting for your home.
Large ceramic bowls made into pendant lamps

A globe, split in half, makes two fabulous pendant lamps 
How cute is this utilitarian-style chandelier made out of repurposed spoons? Perfect for a kitchen.
Why not wrap an out-of-date map around a lampshade? Instant face lift.

Not sure what to do with your much-loved crystal that sits in a cupboard? Put it on display as some gorgeous lighting. cute are these top hat & bowler hat lamps?

Old glass teacups make a whimsical chandelier

Some old spoons made into beautiful flower lamps

A fabulous serving bowl pendant lamp

 And...some repurposed ties make an interesting lamp shade. So creative!

I hope this gets you looking around your home for items to be repurposed...if so, be sure to share your tale with me! :)



  1. I'm not really sure where you get all the extra spoons from. We're always running out - it is hard to imagine having extras laying around. Though it is a neat idea. Maybe I'll go buy some new ones so I can try it out.

  2. You know what Ian??? I am just soooo happy that you read my blog.... :D