Sunday, 11 November 2012

On The Hunt For...

I thought that it may be fun to post things that I am looking for and then document how long it took me to find them, how many stores I had to go to, etc... you can see my first "On The Hunt..." here

Right now I am on the lookout for:

* A good-sized suitcase (mine is in very bad shape- and I have been in need of a new one for some time... but, it is never at the top of my list)

* A brightly coloured bedspread. I want to add some life to my bedroom. I am looking for a Queen-size in a pink, purple or red.

* Some skinny belts. As I scour Pinterest for fall looks, I am increasingly aware that I have only one skinny belt. MUST remedy this....

Let the hunt begin. :)

* UPDATE #1:

Well, again- the very next day that I posted, I had a few spare minutes, so I decided to run into Talize. I found my suitcase, YAY! I also wandered into the housewares department and realized that I have been needing a large pot for some time as well. So- I picked one up. :)

Good-sized suitcase- $12.99 Talize

Large Pot (cooking spaghetti at this moment)- $5.99 Talize

* UPDATE #2:

Since I posted this "On the Hunt", I've been on the lookout for a bedspread. It feels to me that for about the same amount of time, I can't seem to escape the news everywhere in Hamilton about how BAD the bed-bug situation is here. Is someone trying to tell me something??  I need to think on this a bit more. Of course I would rather spend less/ recycle by purchasing a bedspread second-hand. But, maybe this is an item that is best purchased new- from a local vendor?? Again, sI till need to weigh the pro's and con's..... but for now this purchase is on hold.

* UPDATE #3:

I found me a skinny belt that I actually like! YAY! It's very cute. I usually don't like skinny belts because I feel like they make me look like a giant (I have a long torso), which is most likely just in my head, but.... I really do like this woven white one. So,  so, so, cute. 

This top (which I love) was thrifted just today- 12-12-12 for $6.99 at the Salvation Army store on Upper James. I guess that date really IS lucky, haha.

Well, that's that. Another 'On the Hunt' done....until next time....

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