Tuesday, 6 November 2012

In My Home

My good friend Dallas is a MAD repurposer. He makes things around his own place all the time. I love it.
For his birthday last year, another friend and I went looking for 'Garbage' to give him that he could make stuff out of. We knew it would be a big hit.
So, we went looking at Mr. Used, Rescued and Restored, and even glanced around the Freelton Antique Mall, but nothing was exactly what we were looking for.
I went in to talk to the gentleman that was working in Rescued and Restored and he told me that there was a pile out back to be burned that we could look through. JACKPOT! We found some great window frames and some pegboard that Dallas made into a office organizer, and also a couple pieces of wood that had these metal brackets on them. I had no idea if he would be able to use them, but I thought they were really cool.
He made one into a hat hook for his entryway and the other he attached a 'bowl' to. It's not actually a bowl, he found a wooden sphere at Bibles for Missions, hacked it in half and sanded it to look older. Then he gave it to me! :)
I now use it as a place for my keys. I tied an old mason jar to the plank of wood with some twine and put a tealight in it. I really love how it looks.

So, if you are brave enough- first to ask- and then to dig through some other person's garbage, you really can find some fabulous items. The old adage is so true: One [wo]man's junk is another [wo]man's treasure.
Happy Dumpster Diving!

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