Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pinterest-Inspired Thrifty-Chic- 2nd Edition

Think that fabulous new fall look on Pinterest has to cost you a lot of money? I'll show you how to get the same look for a fraction of the original.
Do you doubt? Take a look...
The Cameron Diaz Fall look that is plastered all over Pinterest
right now
My Version

I love the ease and comfort of this outfit. It's perfect for an autumn stroll around town, some antique shopping, or to lounge in a local coffee shop with a book.
Long Green Tank- $6.99 Value Village

 Short Black Sweater- $7.99 Talize
Skinny Jeans- $12.99 Value Village
Jimmy Choo Purse- $19.99 Peacock Chic Boutique (closed)
Boots- referenced here

I am simply amazed at the number of people who have mentioned how much going thrifting with a specific look in mind helps them. I'm so pleased. Although I had everything for this look in my closet already, I will often see a look that I love and then go looking for that/those piece/s that will bring it together with the items that I already own.

More to come...... :)

Check out my 1st Pinterest look here


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