Friday, 2 November 2012

Want To Make A Difference In Our World?

A couple of friends of mine just launched an amazing venture that they are calling Just One. The thought behind the name is
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." ~Mother Teresa.
Remember how I said that I do not buy anything new unless it is local or hand-made? Well, this is hand-made with a HUGE bonus! You get to help women in Uganda where an alarming number of woman are dying from HIV, AIDS and childbirth every day.
So, you ask- What exactly is it that Just One will DO??:

-Offer hope. Through the purchase of Just One items, you are supporting someone who is struggling to survive. By offering a hand up - not a hand out - you are contributing to their needs while allowing them to maintain their dignity
-Raise awareness. We love to tell stories - and will share the stories of the artisans who have crafted your purchase and the stories of need and how your purchase is making an impact.
-Create advocates. Because your item is handcrafted - there is just one exactly like it. You will get compliments and questions about it - and by sharing the stories you've learned through Just One, you are also being an advocate for these people.

(from the Just One website)

I've already picked out my first purchase. It is FABULOUS! I am in LOVE. :)

The Chunky Wooden Wrap- $17

My friends- stock up for yourselves, your moms, sisters, besties...Christmas is just around the corner!!  Their necklaces are To-Die-For gorgeous! And nothing beats putting on a piece of jewelry that you KNOW helped to make a life better.

Love to all!!