Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Repurposing Ideas


'Tis the season, my friends, of lights, trees, wreaths and ornaments. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.
But, it can get pricey as well as produce a lot of garbage if we aim to change up or even add to our much-loved decorations each holiday season. 
So, here are some fabulous ideas to not only repurpose items that may end up in a landfill, but to also beautify your home and get you in the holiday spirit. And is there any better feeling than glancing at something beautiful in your home and knowing that you created it out of something else? I think not.

Repurposed ribbon or fabric plus pine cones make an adorable decoration for your front door.

A Christmas tree made of repurposed tree branches

Love this. Old slats of wood made into a Christmas card holder with twine.

Pages of an old book or maps can be made into super cute ornaments.

I love the idea of repurposing fabulous little knick-knacks into ornaments.

Pages of old books can be made into this beautiful angel wing decoration.
Using an old sheet of music (awesome if it were a Christmas carol) to cover an old star adds interest and updates it instantly.
You can give old, burned-out light bulbs new life by making them into ornaments.
You can save $ on wrapping paper, and save the trees as well- if you wrap your gifts with napkins or scrap fabric.
I have actually been using this repurposing idea for years. I got the idea from my friend, Leanne. You can reuse your Christmas cards from last year to make gift tags for this year!
 Old scratched, unusable CD's can be painted and used as holiday decor.


And, for my Jewish friends, you can repurpose snowflake and Christmas tree cookie cutters for Hanukkah!

There are so many more ideas that I have stumbled on and LOVED, so this will be the first of (at least) 2 posts on Christmas Repurposing.

Stay creative! Much love to all!


*Oh, and most of these were found on Pinterest- as if you didn't know. haha. 

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