Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In the Mood to Swap


If I could have one wish this Christmas, it would be that 'Swapping' would forever be the new shopping.
Clothes Swaps are a win-win-win (win times however many girls show up)! You can leave with some fabulous, new-to-you clothing without spending a thing!
And, for a moment, lets put aside the money saved and the clothing gained...this is a crazy-fun girl's night out! Open some wine, put on some music, and let the excitement take over! What girl doesn't like a night out with the girl's- free clothes are just icing on the already iced-with-wine cake. Have I mentioned that there should be wine...?


According to Life Organizers, here are the tips to organizing a successful Clothing Swap:

Invite your friends & ask your friends to invite their friends 

About 10-15 people is the goal - aim for all shapes & sizes 

If you are hosting the swap at your house, make sure you have at least two full-length mirrors available

For those of us who are modest, make sure there are other rooms available to dress and undress. If this isn't possible, remind people they can wear a body suit or bathing suit underneath their clothing if they wish

Clothes swaps can be seasonal, but they don't have to be: The best clothes swaps have all seasons clothing.

If two people want the same item, you can have fun with this by either a coin toss, or having each person model the item of clothing and have a vote (do this only if you're sure there won't be hard feelings).

If you have second thoughts about an item you have up for grabs - speak up quickly. A simple "Hmm, I'm not so sure I'm ready to give that up yet," should suffice, before someone else gets too attached to the item.

Be prepared - for a good time! You'll be surprised how much fun you'll have with a group of women trying on clothing!

There were many how-to lists online- but this was the best one in my opinion. There is one thing this list is missing, however. Did you catch it? No wine! OF COURSE you can have a successful Swap without it, but really- WHY would you want to??

 I would also like to add to the list:

Ask that the clothing is laundered before bringing it

No soiled, stained, severely ripped clothing should be brought to the Swap

Other than those few guidelines- have fun with it! I think it is best to bring all seasons, but if you'd like have one just for Spring/Summer or for Fall/Winter, go for it! Whatever floats your boat. :)

I'm mulling over organizing a clothing swap in the early new year in the Hamilton area.  Comment below or let me know on facebook if you'd like to be included. 

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  1. I'm sure Amanda and myself would attend. I personally love the idea of a clothing swap...and wine :)

    1. Yay...I'm definitely going to plan one for January....