Monday, 3 December 2012

In My Cuban Closet

Well...I'm back!! Did you miss me at all?? What a fabulous trip! It's always so nice to get away, especially with someone that you love as much as your sister.
I always feel a wee bit guilty, though- going to all-inclusive resorts. I feel like I shouldn't be catered to all day every day- so that's why I went to Cuba! Haha.
I do feel good knowing that tourism is their main industry, so we are helping those working at the resort (?), and I do like to add to their monthly wage by tipping- and NOT just to get better service...
Anyhoo....the thrifted outfits that I brought to Cuba....
Here are a couple of them. I meant to take photos of all of them, but I'm sure you understand how it is. After the first couple of days, 'vacation brain' takes over and you can't seem to do anything other than eat, drink, sleep, and swim.

I love, love, love this dress. I snatched it up on a quick run into Value Village Stoney Creek. It's one of my favourite finds ever. I did alter it, however. It was originally a halter, and I took it to a tailor and had it changed to spaghetti straps. I just find that style easier to wear and more flattering on me.
Maxi Dress- $12.99 Value Village
Necklace- $5.99 Value Village
Belt- thrifted so long ago, I can't remember

This was a very fun outfit, and the one that I was wearing when I got thrown in the pool one night....but THAT is a story for another time...
Tank- $6.99 Talize
Skirt- $5.99 Value Village
Necklace- $5.99 Value Village
Bracelet Cuff- $12.99 Hawk & Sparrow

I WISH that I had a better photo of this maxi dress. It is another one of my fav's and was actually given to me by my sister because it was too long on her. Looking back- I'm not exactly sure why I didn't get her to take a photo of me in it.
Dress- Sister's cast-off
Necklace - $5.99 Value Village
It's so good to be home! I can't wait to blog about some great repurposed Christmas ideas soon! Exciting stuff! It was a little tough, though- to come home from sun and sand to snow and Christmas lights....
Thanks for reading!!

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