Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pinterest-Inspired Thrifty-Chic:5th Edition

Wowza! I just realized that I had better post the rest of my fall Pinterest looks before winter is upon us. Although, let's be serious, the styles don't really seem to change ALL that much from fall to winter. Maybe just a few layers are added on...

Think that fabulous new fall look on Pinterest has to cost you a lot of money? I'll show you how to get the same look for a fraction of the original.

Do you doubt? Take a look...

I mean, C'MON!!! How FABULOUS is this outfit?! It can't be just because I am desperately in love with all maxi skirts, can it??
I have been searching for weeks and weeks for a denim shirt that fit me like this one fits her. It's perfect. I have not found one...yet. I will not give up. I still have hope. :)
The flip-flops don't work particularly well in Canada come autumn, but other than that, this is a beloved outfit of mine.



I am very aware that the choice of denim jacket instead of shirt does add a certain 'boxy' feel, but as I said earlier-I've been looking for the perfect denim shirt.... and I've got to work with what I got! Everything in this outfit was found in my closet, just like all of my other Pinterest outfits.
I think this outfit is definitely one of my favourites. (Actually- I say that a lot, don't I??)  Dressy-ish, but oh-so-comfy at the same time. Perfecto.
Denim Jacket- $12.99 Talize
Black Tank- $5.99 Value Village
Skirt- $6.99 Talize
Belt- Came with a dress that I was given: FREE
Black Ballet Flats- $7.99 Talize
Necklace- $5.99 Value Village
Thanks for stopping in! Happy thrifting!
Only 19 days until Christmas! Are you ready?

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