Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Green" Hair: No-Heat Curls

Ladies, I'll bet you never thought that you could get beautiful "Green" hair!

You can achieve a to-die-for hair-style that is not harming the environment (because you are not using any heat or electricity to get it) and yet the end results are either beautiful beachy waves OR gorgeous bouncing curls!

Take a look:

This blog is fabulous! Lots of cute hairstyling ideas and I just think that she is so adorable! Check out her blog here.
Basically, for this tutorial, you wrap your hair in sections around a stretchy headband and go to sleep. Then you wake up with fabulous curls.

Here is another variation on the same idea. 

Again, same idea...are you getting it yet?? 

I apologize if you are bored by now... 

Now this one has a twist...literally. she twists each section BEFORE she wraps it around the headband. The result is a more beachy, softer wave. 

Here is a the way our mothers and grandmothers used to get their no-heat curls. By wrapping sections around rags and tying them in knots. 

This is a similar idea to the 'rag' concept... 

Amazing...The PaparMama has a no-heat sock-curl tutorial as well! Isn't she amazing and cute?!

Another 'old-school' no-heat curl is by using pin-curls. Might be more comfortable to sleep on than rags...might be...maybe?? 

Friends, I just hope that if you do decide to try the no-heat approach, that you won't end up with hair like this...

(Just a guess, but I believe her hair is too short and fine for this technique)

...Or, like this...

(Again, just a guess, but I believe her hair is too naturally curly for this. No-Heat Waves would work best on naturally straight or wavy hair.)

Well, good-luck ladies! If you do try out any of  the no-heat curl procedures- let me know how it turns out for you! Even if it is a  'FAIL', at least you made a 'green' hair attempt. :)


In My Closet- Chambray & Leggings Times 2

Oh, the elusive chambray shirt...I searched and searched for that shirt. When I finally found one, it was at a Bibles For Missions Thrift Shop for $1- love that. It's an XS Gap top and is a bit short in the arm length, so I will be keeping an eye out for another, but for now- I am very pleased.

I decided to pair this top with a white tank, black leggings and a cardigan and scarf. I couldn't decide which colour cardi I preferred, so I'll share both. You can always leave a comment and let me know which one you like best, if you'd like. :)

I apologize for the darkness on the one is very overcast today and I can never figure out how to take a picture of myself with the flash on without completely ruining the photo.


 Chambray Shirt- $1 Bibles For Missions
White tank- $3.99 Value Village
Cardigan- $6.99 Value Village (another post with this cardigan here)
Leggings- $5.99 Talize
Scarf- $3.99 Talize
Boots- referenced here

Same chambray top, tank, leggings and boots.  Different cardigan and scarf = totally different look.

Cardigan- $12.99 Value Village (another post with this cardigan here)
Scarf- Cast-off from Mom = Free

So, if you'd like to- let me know which look you prefer. If not- thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Repurposing- Table From a Church Pew

I have mentioned my friend Dallas in a previous post and I wrote about how great he is at repurposing.

He made me my entrance-way key holder (which I LOVE) out of a plank that I found in a pile of trash to be burned. 

Post about this piece here

Well, for my Christmas gift this year I received a 'new' repurposed piece for my home, and it is very special to me. It is extra special because it is a table made out of an old pew from the church that I am a member of. So, every time I think about it, I feel the same sense of warmth and community that I feel when I walk through the doors of my church.

I love this table, it's perfect to set my wine on while I read a book, and my kids actually fight over sitting at it to play with their legos.

Dallas chose to use BC Cedar for the legs- which is important to him, because he is a BC boy originally. He also just really likes to work with cedar, it's his favourite wood to work with- and to smell. :)  Who doesn't LOVE the smell of cedar, people...

So, there you are. Another great idea for repurposing old items that may otherwise end up in a landfill.

Peace and love, friends.

Monday, 28 January 2013

In My Closet- Stripes with Plaid

I would never consider myself very adventurous with my clothing. Lately, I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone of black and grey all day- everyday, haha. This post makes me laugh because you can BARELY tell that the scarf is plaid.

I love to wear maxi skirts- all year round. Just pair them with boots and a sweater and they are winter-ready!

Striped Sweater- $5.99 Value Village
Plaid Green/Navy Scarf- Birthday gift
Black Maxi Skirt- $6.99 Value Village
Bangle- $12.99 Hawk & Sparrow 
Boots- referenced here

Here comes a naked baby to get in on the photos...

Lego goes in the ear...yes?

Happy Monday everyone. If you are having a snow day, as we are, have a good time with your kiddies. :)

Friday, 25 January 2013

In My Closet- What I Wore With A Top-knot

It was a top-knot day today. I am absolutely in LOVE with top-knots right now.

For those of you who have NO idea what I am referring to- it's a hairstyle (I AM a hairstylist remember- gotta have SOME posts about hair) that is so cute and easy to do. You just need a lot of hair.... or you could do a sock-bun, or you could use hair extentions- similar to these....

But, back to In My Closet. I was doing hair for a wedding today so I wanted to be comfy and look good, too. Layers are my best friend when I work, because I never know if a home/ hotel room will be too hot or too cold.

My dress that I picked up last week at Talize. Worn with textured tights $5.99 that I picked up at Talize the same day. Necklace  and bangle referenced here.

Scarf- birthday gift from my bestie from Talize. My friends know me well. <3 

Cardigan- $4 Bibles For Missions Thrift Store 

Love the cute detailing on this cardigan. 

My new favourite purse ($4.99!!) referenced here.

Thought I'd take one more photo of the top-knot... I've also decided that I do love having bangs with top-knots... 
Also, I should mention that this coat was a cast-off from a friend. That's right people: FREE! :)

Did a quick run into Bibles For Missions thrift shop on my way home (SO thankful to have them at the end of my street!!) and picked up this chambray top for $1!! I've been searching for one for a while now. YAY. And I love the detailing on this one.

Friends, do yourselves a favour and stop in at a Bibles For Missions thrift store this week. All clothing is $1. And, kid's clothes are 50 cents an item!

Happy Thifting!!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Melissa's Best Thrifting Tips

Still finding the whole idea of thrifting a wee bit daunting? Feeling like you just don't even know where to start?  Well, I will share some of my secrets that I have learned myself- through trial and error- over the years....

Melissa's Best Thrifting Tips

*1.  Decide on your 'Thrifting Outfit'. This is SO VERY important on those 50% off days when the store is crammed with people and there is an hour-long line-up at the change-rooms. Mine will always consist of leggings (which I can easily slips pants or skirts over), or a skirt with tights (for the same reason) and a tank top (depending on the season, I may have a sweater over top...). The tank allows me to throw tops on and off without needing a change-room. Clever, yes?

An example of one of my thrifting outfits. Tights and Tank? Check and Check. This outfit mentioned here.

*2. DO NOT stick to only one size. This rule took me a while to figure out. I have found that NOT ONLY do different sizes from different stores fit oh-so-differently, but also second-hand clothing has been laundered and has possibly shrunk a tiny bit. The other reason that I like to check all sizes is you can always 'CINCH-IT' (ALWAYS reminds me of the SNL Gap sketch, lol) with a fabulous belt if it is on the large size. Or lastly, you may find a fabulous outfit for dirt-cheap that you can take to a tailor, and still end up with money in your wallet.

This dress is a perfect example of  checking the racks that are out of your size range. It is one of my favourite dresses and is a size 22!! But I saw potential in cinching it in with a stretchy belt. Love it. 

*3.  I mentioned in my first point about 50% OFF DAYS. Go. Every time. To every store that has them. You will thank me.

*4. Go with a certain outfit in mind. This is extremely important for those of you that get overwhelmed at the THOUGHT of digging through racks and racks of clothing and accessories. Start slow. Ease in with one outfit that you would like to create. That being said, have a BIT of an open mind- you may not find that EXACT coral and black scarf, but you may find a similar one in teal.

A great example of  shopping with a specific look in mind.  You can check out this outfit's post here.

*5. Frequent the smaller Thrift Shops. Of course, if I am in a rush- I will run into one of the larger shops (Value Village, Talize)and make a quick run-through. But, their prices are higher for the luxury of being able to be in and out in 10 minutes. They pay their staff to come in early each day to stock and organize the racks. BUT the smaller shops (Bibles for Missions, Salvation Army) - although more time-consuming- WILL have the BEST deals. It takes longer to dig through, but if your goal is to save money, you will win big.  

Well friends, I hope this list encourages you to give thrifting a try. Your wallet, your planet, and your global community will thank you.

Love to all.

Friday, 18 January 2013

In My Closet- Purple Tights And......

What does one wear with bright purple tights? Well, I say- whatever your little heart desires.
When I looked out of my window this morning, the day was grey and gloomy, so I felt the desire to brighten up my day with some lively eggplant legs.

I have to say- I had quite a few glances at my legs as I ran my errands around the city...but that's okay. I have nice legs. Haha... ;)

So, this was my run-around-town-and-do-errands outfit today.
Wow...I really need to clean my bedroom mirror...eeeek.

Black Sweater- Xmas gift many years ago
Skirt- $4.99 Value Village and mentioned here
Black Infinity Scarf- $2 Bibles for Missions Thrift Shop
Brown Leather Purse (My new FAV)- $4.99 Salvation Army Thrift Shop

Found these ADORABLE booties at Talize today for $9.99!! Love.

Also found this very cute black dress at Talize for $9.99. Looks great with the tights and booties, I think.

Aaaaaaaand snapped up this black leather clutch at Talize for 3.99!

Today was one of those great thrifting days. Although, I must confess, I tried on about 20 dresses- and decided on 2. But if you have about an hour to spend, you can save so much cash (and have so much FUN) thrifting friends!!

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Repurposing Containers For Around The Home

Are you looking for some interesting ways to organize all the clutter in your home? How about saving and repurposing the different containers that we use daily for our food and other items?

Here are some FABULOUSLY creative ideas that I found while browsing on Pinterest:

Who doesn't need an adorable garbage can in their car? This one was made easily out of container that previously held Cascade dish detergent tabs.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Some plastic containers cannot truly be recycled because they have contained certain chemicals which have leeched into the plastic. So, why not repurpose your laundry detergent bottle to help create life?

Want to try your hand at gardening, but don't have room in your backyard or on your balcony? These tall plastic containers are the perfect place to grow potatoes!!

This is so smart! You can repurpose baby wipe containers to hold decks of card and game pieces. Love.

Well, unfortunately, I don't have many wine bottles around the house, since I drink mine from a box (Better for the EARTH!! haha). But, if you do have some extra bottles lying around, you could use them to water your plants while you are away- or just plain forgetful, as I am....

A rotisserie chicken container turned into a greenhouse for the tiny gardener-to-be?! BEYOND clever!!

Repurposed plastic containers become useful kitchen utensil holders. I cannot figure out what these containers are from, but the large yogurt containers would work well, too. A little paint, some fabric, twine and voila! Very cute.

This is what we call 'Unconsumption'. Using something that would otherwise end up in a landfill to actually produce life. I absolutely love this herb garden idea made from coffee tins.

...and a similar idea- a window-ledge herb garden made from tea tins. Love.

I will be using this idea in my home. Soon. Add some fun to plain old spaghetti jars or jam jars with whimsical drawer handles. 

Again, LOVE this. Use any container with a lid, pierce some holes in the bottom and one in the lid, and you have yourself a repurposed watering jug. Simply place your thumb over the hole in the lid and the water stops. Brilliant, no??

If you have any toddlers in your home, you probably have many of these tall, thin 'Puff' containers around your home. This is a really cute way to reuse those containers and teach your toddler co-ordination all at the same time. Win-win.

I've posted this one before- but I love it. Paint a cookie tin that is leftover from Christmas with blackboard paint and label with chalk. Seriously, genius.

 Upcycle old pickle or spaghetti sauce jars with chalkboard paint. Very cute and very easy.

One more idea with chalkboard paint...Can you tell yet that I LOVE chalkboard paint????

I know, I know....super creepy, and VERY weird. But, bonus points for being creative and keeping one more item out of the landfills....

I hope I have inspired you to take a look at the containers that are close-to-empty or already in your recycling boxes, and think, "What else could this possibly be??"

Peace, friends.