Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Green" Hair: No-Heat Curls

Ladies, I'll bet you never thought that you could get beautiful "Green" hair!

You can achieve a to-die-for hair-style that is not harming the environment (because you are not using any heat or electricity to get it) and yet the end results are either beautiful beachy waves OR gorgeous bouncing curls!

Take a look:

This blog is fabulous! Lots of cute hairstyling ideas and I just think that she is so adorable! Check out her blog here.
Basically, for this tutorial, you wrap your hair in sections around a stretchy headband and go to sleep. Then you wake up with fabulous curls.

Here is another variation on the same idea. 

Again, same idea...are you getting it yet?? 

I apologize if you are bored by now... 

Now this one has a twist...literally. she twists each section BEFORE she wraps it around the headband. The result is a more beachy, softer wave. 

Here is a the way our mothers and grandmothers used to get their no-heat curls. By wrapping sections around rags and tying them in knots. 

This is a similar idea to the 'rag' concept... 

Amazing...The PaparMama has a no-heat sock-curl tutorial as well! Isn't she amazing and cute?!

Another 'old-school' no-heat curl is by using pin-curls. Might be more comfortable to sleep on than rags...might be...maybe?? 

Friends, I just hope that if you do decide to try the no-heat approach, that you won't end up with hair like this...

(Just a guess, but I believe her hair is too short and fine for this technique)

...Or, like this...

(Again, just a guess, but I believe her hair is too naturally curly for this. No-Heat Waves would work best on naturally straight or wavy hair.)

Well, good-luck ladies! If you do try out any of  the no-heat curl procedures- let me know how it turns out for you! Even if it is a  'FAIL', at least you made a 'green' hair attempt. :)



  1. My niece has done this and it turned out fabulous. Is this how you get your gorgeous curls?

  2. No, my waves are God-given and from a bit of heat...But I really want to try this, for sure!!

  3. I tried the headband version about a year ago, it worked ok, but I still had to use heat to get it looking good enough to actually leave the house. Plus, it was really awkward and uncomfortable to sleep it. But that's probably because I'm not used to it. For light waves, I often just sleep in braids (with damp hair) and by morning it's try and beachy wavey.