Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How About In 2013 We Make LESS GARBAGE, Yes??

Watching the documentary film Garbage! by Take Action Films was one of those life-changing (and lifestyle-changing) events that I can pin-point as being a catalyst for my 'Never New' world view.
I decided that by not buying new, I could help cut down on all the garbage that our new 'stuff' is packaged in. We live in a society that prefers to chuck something out instead of fixing it- mostly because it is now much less expensive to just buy another one. Thank-you child/ third-world country labour...
This movie follows a family of four who collects all of their garbage, recycling, and compost for a few months in their home's garage. They need to also bring home any garbage that they create when they are out and about (eating fast food, going to birthday parties, lunches at work, etc...).
It is so eye-opening to watch it collect, instead of watching it disappear every week when we put it out at the curb! It really makes you think about the fact that all of the waste that we produce on a daily basis has to go SOMEWHERE- it doesn't simply evaporate.
This Sunday, January 6th, the Bloor Cinema (Toronto) will be featuring this thought-provoking documentary. I encourage anyone who can make it, to check it out! Here is what the projectionist has to say about Garbage!:
A family is asked to collect every scrap of their household garbage for three months in their garage which leads to some incredibly shocking results.
“I watched the film and was amazed at the amount of garbage a family creates. The next day, I looked at the piles of garbage at the end of everyone’s driveway on my street and realized that the amount of waste we produce is ridiculous. We are drowning in our own garbage. As the movie says, we just put it at the end of the driveway and it goes away. This film should be played in every class in every school.”
Rob McPherson, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Projectionist

If you can't make it out to watch Garbage! on the big screen, (hopefully) you may at least want to check out the trailer for this movie as well as Chemerical (a cute, humorous documentary about the everyday chemicals we use in our homes) here. It may prompt you to want to make a change (or two) this year. :)
Thanks for stopping by, friends. Happy New Year to you all!!

Oh- and another great source to back up my belief that our society is basically addicted to garbage is The Story Of Stuff. I know...I have mentioned this video before... ;)


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