Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Repurposing Containers For Around The Home

Are you looking for some interesting ways to organize all the clutter in your home? How about saving and repurposing the different containers that we use daily for our food and other items?

Here are some FABULOUSLY creative ideas that I found while browsing on Pinterest:

Who doesn't need an adorable garbage can in their car? This one was made easily out of container that previously held Cascade dish detergent tabs.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Some plastic containers cannot truly be recycled because they have contained certain chemicals which have leeched into the plastic. So, why not repurpose your laundry detergent bottle to help create life?

Want to try your hand at gardening, but don't have room in your backyard or on your balcony? These tall plastic containers are the perfect place to grow potatoes!!

This is so smart! You can repurpose baby wipe containers to hold decks of card and game pieces. Love.

Well, unfortunately, I don't have many wine bottles around the house, since I drink mine from a box (Better for the EARTH!! haha). But, if you do have some extra bottles lying around, you could use them to water your plants while you are away- or just plain forgetful, as I am....

A rotisserie chicken container turned into a greenhouse for the tiny gardener-to-be?! BEYOND clever!!

Repurposed plastic containers become useful kitchen utensil holders. I cannot figure out what these containers are from, but the large yogurt containers would work well, too. A little paint, some fabric, twine and voila! Very cute.

This is what we call 'Unconsumption'. Using something that would otherwise end up in a landfill to actually produce life. I absolutely love this herb garden idea made from coffee tins.

...and a similar idea- a window-ledge herb garden made from tea tins. Love.

I will be using this idea in my home. Soon. Add some fun to plain old spaghetti jars or jam jars with whimsical drawer handles. 

Again, LOVE this. Use any container with a lid, pierce some holes in the bottom and one in the lid, and you have yourself a repurposed watering jug. Simply place your thumb over the hole in the lid and the water stops. Brilliant, no??

If you have any toddlers in your home, you probably have many of these tall, thin 'Puff' containers around your home. This is a really cute way to reuse those containers and teach your toddler co-ordination all at the same time. Win-win.

I've posted this one before- but I love it. Paint a cookie tin that is leftover from Christmas with blackboard paint and label with chalk. Seriously, genius.

 Upcycle old pickle or spaghetti sauce jars with chalkboard paint. Very cute and very easy.

One more idea with chalkboard paint...Can you tell yet that I LOVE chalkboard paint????

I know, I know....super creepy, and VERY weird. But, bonus points for being creative and keeping one more item out of the landfills....

I hope I have inspired you to take a look at the containers that are close-to-empty or already in your recycling boxes, and think, "What else could this possibly be??"

Peace, friends. 


  1. Not to be a negative nelly, but don't you think maybe some of these are just postponing the inevitability of them going into the trash at some point? Like that doll one for example....I feel like that would be a "fad" type thing that they'd throw out after a couple of years lol. I mean it's good to reuse and repurpose if you plan on keeping them and passing them on, but if you're just going to use the containers for a few years as something else and then throw them away it's rather pointless, yes?

  2. Haha, yes...I completely agree with you on the doll one...but, what else do you do with something that is made for one purpose and one purpose only? I think they did well...and honestly, if they have that in their home AT ALL...I dont think they are the type to chuck it out after they get tired of it...

    I think that is why I LOVE chalkboard paint sooo much. You get tired of using it for one thing? Just erase the label and use it for another... the gardening containers could be used indefinitely and so could the watering bottle/ we know, plastic takes forever to break down...

    Thank you so much for your comment and your feedback!

  3. Well I for one think reusing things is a great idea. We all know that eventually everything will become trash but why not use it until it can no longer be used? lol