Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Lazy Saturday And My 'Just One' Bracelet

I love to have a lazy Saturday once in a while. Since I do hair and makeup for weddings exclusively- that means that I work almost every weekend.

But, February is a bit of a slower month. Actually, to clarify, I WAS intending to work today, but the bride had to reschedule for her trial run. I am with an ENTIRE Saturday to myself. :)

So, I decided to get some errands done before I filled my day up with cleaning, hopefully the gym, and even more hopefully some time to sit down with a book. For those wondering, right now I am reading In Cheap We Trust- The Story Of A Misunderstood American Virtue by Lauren Weber. I recommend this book.

Scarf- $5.99 Talize (also worn here)
Belt- $4.99 Talize
Cardigan- $9.99 Talize
Taupe Leggings- $6.99 Value Village
Purse- $4.99 Salvation Army Thrift Shop (also shown here and here)
Multicoloured Beaded Bracelet- Just One World Changing Fashion
(Post all about Just One and their beliefs and actions here)

Here is a better photo of the beautiful handmade-in-Uganda bracelet:

Link to this bracelet here

Happy Groundhog Day, all! Enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.


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