Wednesday, 6 February 2013

In My Closet- A (Gulp!) New Shirt

So... I received a pair of brand-new, beautiful, warm pyjamas for Christmas. I know that they were lovingly picked out for me and were extremely soft and comfortable-looking.

The problem was- I already owned several pairs of pyjamas, and couldn't decide on a pair to give away, if I added these new ones to my closet. I am a pretty firm believer in the "one item in- one item out" rule. The fact that the store had already received the money for the pj's made me feel (somewhat) justified in going in and picking out something else....

So, after weeks of going back and forth between my personal convictions, beliefs, not wanting to hurt the giver's feelings....I decide to exchange the pyjamas for something that I would actually wear and love.

After all of that, I traded a perfectly lovely (simply un-needed) pair of pj's for this gorgeous top.

Please ignore the pile of clothing behind is a pile put aside for my clothing swap tomorrow night. :)

Black Skirt- $5.99 Talize
Grey Tights- I am NOT exaggerating when I say that I have owned these tights for over 13 years!! Craziness, yes?!
Booties- $9.99 Talize
Clutch- $3.99 Talize

(Other post with booties & clutch here

I really do like this top a lot. I love the fabric, the billowy-ness (oh ya- I made that a word), and the colours. Anything with coral in it gets an automatic win from me.

Can you believe that it was at Mark's Work Warehouse?

Please don't judge me friends. Or, if you do- just don't tell me... ;)


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