Friday, 8 February 2013

My First (Of Many) Clothes Swap

Well- what a blast we had last night!!I hosted my first ever Clothing Swap and invited ladies that had mentioned to me that they were interested in attending one. I also invited my friend Krista Jefferson to talk to us about her Just One fairly-traded jewelry business.  

I can't say enough how fun it was. We munched on veggies and chips, chatted, drank some wine and shopped for FREE clothes! That is pretty much my idea of a perfect night.

In case you have never heard of a Clothing Swap- it is exactly what it sounds like. You get to clear out your closet of all the items that you no longer wear and swap them for 'new-to-you' items that you will wear. It's the old "One (wo)man's junk is another (wo)man's treasure" concept...

Here are some photos of the fun:

My stuff is out for the Clothing Swap. :)

We're all set to go.....

All of Just One's goodies that Krista brought us to look at.

Krista telling us about her, her decision to start the business and all about Just One. 

Shopping for fairly-traded jewelry.

Chatting about their trips to Kenya

Yummmmmmmmmmmmm. :)

Bahahahahaha. Evelyn was such a good sport! :)
I wish that this sequin dress had gone home with someone. It was so cute. 

 My 'new' romper. Love.

 Some of our favourite scores of the night.

 ...and some more favourites...

Hey- where did the other 2 ladies go???

The day after...a lot of great items now going to a fabulous charity

My 'haul'. :)

I highly recommend a Clothing Swap to all my readers! It was a great night to connect with friends, to meet some new ones, and also to give our closets a facelift. Win-win-win.

For some tips for hosting your own Clothing Swap, check out one of my previous posts.

Thanks for stopping by...Happy snow day to all in the Hamilton area.

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