Monday, 11 March 2013

For The Home- My Completely FREE Home Makeover.

This past weekend I tackled my home. I have been living here since May, and have been waiting to get it to the layout that I have been wanting since then. I chose a place with 3 bedrooms, not so that the boys could each have a room, but so that they could have a playroom to contain their mess. :)

Since my youngest was under a year old, however, I didn't feel they could share a room just yet. So, the playroom got set up in my Dining Room. Which meant that all the mess continually made it's way into my Living Room. 

This weekend I decided they were ready. Or, maybe it was ME that was ready... 

I must mention, I did NOT purchase anything (new OR thrifted) for this task. That is a very nice feeling, I must say. :)

Here are some pics of how it all turned out:

My bulletin board is an old shutter that I picked up at Mr. Used. I found that painting at an Art Crawl. I LOVE it. <3  This dresser I found on the side of the road next to my friend's house. The 2 bottom drawers were broken, but that is a perfect spot to tuck the footstool for when the kids want to help in the kitchen.

 I love this poster. SO much.

I picked up these chairs from Kijiji. My boys love them as much as I loved mine as a kid. :)

I reused the inside of my son's Lego Advent Calendar to organize all of the tiny little pieces that he can never find when he wants them. 

Toy cupboards were found at various thrift shops and garage sales.

 Book shelves found on kijiji and at a thrift shop.

This table was given to me from a friend who no longer needed it. The chairs are from my sister. This bench is years and years old- it has been repurposed from a coffee table, to a night stand to Dining Room seating. :)

My chalkboard  is years old. I love that I can change up what it says, depending on my mood. These frames were found on kijiji or were gifts from friends.

Please ignore the fact that I still need to fill the frames with some actual photos. 

My Living Room  set-up is very similar to how I had it previously , I just switched around the couches.

I think having the lower futon here opens the room up a lot more. 

Well, that was my weekend, friends. I feel happy with all that I accomplished, but a little sad that I missed out a beautiful day yesterday.

I encourage you all to look at the things you have and to try repurposing them as other things. Benches can be coffee tables as well as seating, bookshelves can be used as night stands, and you can try using dressers in the kitchen...

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  1. Looks awesome! I love the repurposed shutter in the kitchen best!!