Thursday, 7 March 2013

In My Closet- GREY!...and Animal Print....

It is a GREY day out there today, yes? If you are in the GTA, it is grey, cloudy, rainy, snowy, hail-y, and miserable.

So, I figured it was the PERFECT day to post this very grey outfit.

As I've said before, there was a time in my life when all I owned was grey and black. Maybe there was a little bit of white mixed in there, too. I feel that I do now gravitate away from those shades and into some brighter, more uplifting colours. BUT, those shades will always be a staple in my wardrobe. Always need some neutrals on hand... and unlike my friend Leanne, I do NOT like oatmeal (as a neutral OR a breakfast food)...

And, as I've also said before, I am warming up to wearing animal print. I feel oh-so-Kim-Kardashian in it, haha.

 (Yes, those ARE my little men's legs in the background...)

Black Tank- $5.99 Value Village TBay
Grey Shorts- $3.99 Value Village TBay
Animal Print Sweater- Years and years old (also seen here)
Black booties- $9.99 Talize

So, I guess some days I want to wear bright purple tights when it's miserable outside, and some days I want to blend in to the weather and wear greys.

Well, have a great weekend friends...I realize that it is ONLY Thursday, but I am going to lock myself in this home and do some major cleaning, moving and shifting around. There will likely be a post to follow on that. :)


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