Friday, 19 April 2013

In My Dominican Closet

It is SO good to be home. 

I love to travel and to get away, but I really do love to come home to my boys and my life here. 

And travelling to places like the Dominican Republic makes me so thankful for everything we have here that we take for granted.

I was very happy that I did not need to go looking for any 'new' thrifted items for my trip to Puerto Plata. I was going to glance around for a bathing suit or two, but a friend of mine went to Jamaica in March. She had purchased some new bikinis- and they were fabulous.  So, we did a swap. She took some of my clothes and sandals to Jamaica and I borrowed some items for my trip to the Dominican. 

Everyone should find someone that is the same size as they are (clothing AND shoes is quite the bonus!). It is fantastic! It doubles your wardrobe at no cost at all! :)

Here are some of the thrifted (or free) items that I wore on my Dominican vacation:

This photo makes me laugh. I spent all of my time in the ocean or pool, so my legs didn't see the sun as much as my upper body.

Tank- $6.99 Talize (also seen here in Cuba)
Black Shorts- $6.99 Value Village (also seen here)
Clutch- $3.99 Talize (also seen here)

Dress- $7.99 Talize

Dress- FREE from my Clothing Swap

'Nautical' Bikini Top- FREE, borrowed from friend

Tie-dye Tank- $5.99 Value Village
Maxi Skirt- $6.99 Talize
Bracelet- $7 Handmade in the Dominican

Well, that's it for today. Thanks so much for stopping by.

The moral? Look to make friends with someone who is the same size as you. It's always great to have SOMETHING in common with someone else, yes? ;)

Peace, friends. Remember to take a moment today (and each day) to focus on how blessed we are in this part of the world...

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