Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Have Kids? Re-purpose!

I was told recently that I was slacking on my blog posts (haha) here is a new and exciting read for all of you out there with children. 

If you have kids, you will understand that furniture that you once had may not work as well for your needs now. You will also realize that furniture you need for children at various stages (cribs/ change tables) are only needed for a couple of years.... then what do you do with them??

Well, don't toss out those old armoires/ side tables/ cribs or even the boxes that they came in. Repurpose them!

The most common repurposing ideas for kids that I found on Pinterest were entertainment units, small cabinets, side tables, etc. upcycled into play kitchens. How cute are these??

Play-kitchens from side tables:

...from unneeded kitchen/ other storage...

... from an older sibling's desk perhaps?...

...and from out-dated entertainment units:

I'm not sure how long this would last- but I think it is a fabulous idea. A play kitchen from old boxes!

I absolutely LOVE this crib-to-creative-center repurposing idea:

And this kid's bed to bench idea:

Maybe it's because I have boys...but I think these tool benches are brilliant:

From an Ikea change table

From an old night stand

And finally, some clever upcycling ideas for your old armoires:

Love the chalkboard paint on the inside of the doors 

Super-cute Art-center for the kiddos 

Adorable dress-up closet for your little princess(es) 

 Thanks for stopping by! Happy Upcycling and Repurposing, friends!


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