Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dressing Up- Thrifty-Style

Anyone that knows me well, will know that I love to get dressed up and go out.

Is this difficult to do while living a second-hand lifestyle?  Not at all. I know that I only have a few places that I will go looking for a new-to-me fabulous dress, instead of wandering around from mall to mall to mall and store to store to store.....

Perhaps I have a lower-maintenance view on finding that 'perfect dress'. Perhaps I know that if I don't find something, I'll just make another dress in my closet work for that specific occasion.


That being said, I DO love to find a dress that fits, and complements me, second-hand. I somehow imagine that it has already seen some wonderful vacations, weddings and nights out, and that I will be able to show it some more. :)

Here are some thrifted dresses that I have worn out in the last few months....

I LOVE this strapless dress, and the fact that it reminds me of the 'curtain-outfits' from the Sound Of Music makes me love it even more.

Value Village-  $12.99

I snapped up this high-low dress for my upcoming trip to Spain, and after I brought it home I decided that it would also be great to wear to my cousin's wedding a couple of weeks ago. So- I did.

Talize- $12.99

Another great way to look fabulous AND be thrifty is to borrow from a friend. I borrowed this black lace dress for my Christmas Party with the 'Pretty In Pink'  girlies.


I tried this RW & Co dress on at a Value Village 50% off sale a few months before my youngest sister's wedding and decided it would be perfect.

Value Village- $17.99- 50%

This maxi-dress was perfect to bring with me to Cuba in November. To see my post on what I wore in Cuba click here.

Value Village- $12.99 

I've worn this dress to many a 'Girl's Night Out'- with purple tights, black tights, leggings and bare legs. To see my post on when I scored this dress click here.

Talize- $9.99


Ok, so technically this outfit ISN'T a dress....but it IS dressy....

You can make your cute shorts worthy of a night out by pairing them with some heels. Simple, yes?

To see my post on this outfit click here.

Tank- $6.99 Talize
Shorts- $6.99 Value Village

This is a perfect little dress to take on vacations. It rolls up nice and small, and doesn't really wrinkle. Here I am wearing it in the Dominican Republic in April. To see that post click here.

Talize- $7.99

This one-shoulder dress is fabulous on it's own- but made even MORE fabulous by topping it with my awesome sequin jacket

Talize- $12.99

I affectionately refer to this as my rainbow dress, because I was called Rainbow the first night I wore it out while I was visiting my good friend in Calgary. It is probably the most that I have spent on a dress since I started only buying second-hand, but it was well worth it.

To see my post on this dress click here.

Vespucci- $29.99

Well, there you have it friends. 

It truly is possible to look great, save money, and be 'green' by shopping second-hand. Whether it be for a date-night, a Girl's Night Out, a wedding, or another occasion- you can always find what you need at a thrift/ consignment store.

Hope I've inspired you to try... :)


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