Tuesday, 18 June 2013

In My Closet- My TSO Dress

Last Wednesday night I headed in the 'Big City' to watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

I have such fond memories of going to the Symphony on 'dates nights' with my father up in Thunder Bay.

My absolute favourite part of the evening was the pianist, Yuja Wang. She is BEYOND amazing.

I'm actually listening to her as I write this and am falling more and more in love with her talent with each song that I hear....

 But...let us move on to why you stopped in- I know you are simply dying to know what I wore for my night out to the Symphony, yes?? ;)

I picked up this dress at Talize last week. This dress screamed Madrid to me, and has already been packed away in the suitcase that will be heading to Spain at the end of the week.

Dress- $14.99 minus 50% off
Necklace and Bracelet set- Just One- World Changing Fashion

If you live near Toronto, I highly recommend a night at the TSO. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed my nights at the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra...it's tough to compare the two.

As well, if you are aged 15- 35, you can purchase $14 tickets!! Or, you can purchase a 3-pack of tickets for as little as $24!! An evening of culture for the same price as a dinner for 2 at McDonald's? This is an insanely good deal! Just go to tsoundcheck to have a look. 

I will definitely be returning, and I hope to see you there. Then you'll be the first to see my thrifted outfit for the evening. If THAT'S not worth $14, I'm not sure what IS... haha.


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