Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What I Purchased New In Madrid

I have ONE more blog post regarding my AMAZING vacay to Madrid, Spain.

I have posted on my thrift shopping experiences in Madrid.

As well as what thrifted outfits were In My Spanish Closet.

Now I would like to share what I found at a cute local shop right by the hotel that I was staying in. If you have read any of my posts about WHY I do what I do, you will know that I never buy anything new. My only exceptions are to support a local shop by purchasing from them, or supporting an individual by purchasing a handmade item.

So...on my last day in Madrid, I decided to wander into this cute local shop that I had passed by every day on my vacation. I saved the receipt so that I could post the name of the shop- but it got lost in my travels home. :(   But, I did pick up a couple of oh-so-cute-items from this local vendor.

Another local vendor that I was happy to support, was a man painting water colour pieces in the park. I picked up an "S" to put up on my boys' wall. Both of their names begin with S and of course, so does  Spain. :)

And these are the tops that I picked up from the local shop by my hotel.

I really LOVE both of these tops! I have been looking for something similar to the green skull top for a while now. I 'pinned' this sweater below to Pinterest months ago!!

And the black sweater with the angel wings? I feel like it sort of mimics my angel-wing tattoo that I have on my back:  

Well, there you have it friends. My last blog installment of my trip to Madrid. As I mentioned before...I need to plan another thrifting trip to Europe, I think November should work. :)


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