Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Repurposing With Discarded Doors

If there is one thing that my readers know about me from this blog- I hope it is that I LOVE to REPURPOSE. I LOVE when something is given a new life as what it is- or even better- something completely new!

Another thing that I just LOVE is 'old stuff'. Not even antique...just OLD. Dilapidated. Chipped. Broken. Scarred.

And that's why I love to see old doors repurposed in new ways. Doors that have been used to usher loved ones into houses. Doors that have kept the cold and wind away from those dwelling inside. I especially LOVE old barn doors. Doors that were opened bright and early on an old track. Doors that kept out the predators from the precious livestock inside.

Doors are awesome.

Here are some great ideas to reuse old doors that you may come across in your life. 

If you don't have any old doors- I would suggest looking at Mr Used for some very cool, funky, loaded-with-character doors. Or at a ReStore near you, for some not-so-old, not-so-damaged doors. The best part about purchasing from a ReStore? All proceeds go directly to Habitat For Humanity.

Using Doors as Headboards:

I have seen this done with more modern-looking doors, and I have to say, I don't like it nearly as much. I really love this repurposing idea when it has used really old, weathered, barn or 'country-home' doors. 

Using Doors as Tables/ Coffee-tables:

Again, I prefer the older, weathered-looking doors to the clean- painted door in the middle. But, these are all great recycling ideas.

This is SUCH a fabulous idea if you are renting your home. You can add so much interest (and light) to you room, and there is no drilling into the wall to do it. Even better- these are moved with you when you need a change of location.

I love this idea for displaying your address to your home.

These old french doors are the perfect way to create an outdoor living room space.

Cute idea for a wedding. And by FAR the best idea that I have seen for using old bi-fold doors.

Love this not-so-old door repurposed-to-bookshelf idea. 

Great idea for keeping the family organized. I have also seen this done with old window frames.

Another organizational idea. Add some hooks, a mirror and a bench- and you have yourself a fabulous piece for your front entrance way. 

Imagine that- using an old, discarded door as a ....DOOR!! Very cute medicine cabinet door idea. I love it. 

(all photos from Pinterest)

These are great ideas if you have kids. String some wire in an old door frame, and you have a place to display their artwork.

Or, paint it with a bright colour, add some hooks and you have a place to hang you pool towels and swim suits.

I hope you have been inspired by this post to look past what something IS right now, and to see all of it's future possibilities.

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  1. Great ideas! saw used doors used as paneling on one wall in a decorating show. it looked really great!

  2. YES, I love old dilapidated stuff, especially old doors!