Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thrift Shopping- Spanish-Style

Well friends, I am officially in love with Europe. And more specifically- Madrid, Spain.  My first visit to Europe was a short one, but oh-so-lovely in so many ways.

Because it was on the short side, I didn't feel like I wanted to venture too far. Mostly because I didn't want to spend too much of my precious time travelling. That enabled me to really just soak in everything I could about the city I was staying in- Madrid.

OF COURSE I wanted to check out how people thrifted in Spain. Did they even HAVE thrift shops? I needed to research...

I found out that the closest thing they have to our thrift shops (like Value Village, Salvation Army, etc...) Is a store called Humana. Through diverting "textile waste" they promote training, education, and the development of communities in developing countries.
In other words, they sell donated clothing to raise money to help people that are in need. Much like our Salvation Army thrift shops here in North America.

I was able to check out two separate Humana shops. I chose the 2 that were within closest walking distance to where I was staying. I went to the c/ Alcala, 171 store and the c/ Atocha, 33 store.

I found both of the shops to be extremely clean and well organized. It was very easy to go to the section that I was interested in and pick out specific items that caught my eye. Although the thrift shops were definitely smaller than we are used to here, they were very open and airy and not cluttered or too busy.I had a very pleasant experience in both shops.

Even though I speak NO spanish at all, I didn't have a problem trying on clothing or paying for them. I saw the signs all over the shops saying 3,95 euros, but I wasn't sure if that was for everything in the store. After I had chosen my items at the first shop, I was able to use one term that I know- "¿Cuánto cuesta?"

The woman looking after me explained that it was ALL, in fact 3,95 euros! What a deal, yes??

At that shop I picked up a cobalt blue maxi dress, a cobalt blue tank and a black and white top. And, I only spent 11,85 euros!!

My fabulous maxi-dress from Humana.

The second shop that I went to I picked up an adorable denim skirt, a couple of dresses, a belt and a bracelet for 15,85 euros.

My cute "new" sundress that was perfect for wandering around the city in.

Here are a couple of photos of my other items:

My cobalt blue tank and denim skirt. 

The super-cute dress I snapped up and my "new" belt. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Madrid thrifting finds!

In the next couple of days I will share what was In My Spanish Closet...

Peace friends.


  1. Great article! We will be in Madrid in a week and I am excited to check out this store. Thanks for the information.

  2. That's awesome! I hope you found some great items while you were there! :)