Friday, 2 August 2013

Friends Who Thrift Together: My Sister, Emily

I am going to to start a new section entitled: "Friends Who Thrift Together..Stay together". Now, I am not saying that in order to stay friends with someone, you MUST thrift together....but it DOES help. 

It is just such a fun (and budget-friendly) way to spend an hour or two with people you enjoy. You can laugh at the ridiculousness of some outfits, drool over the fabulous finds and just enjoy the company of one another.

I don't really remember when my younger sister, Emily, started thrifting.

I don't think we ever went thrift shopping together in Thunder Bay while I lived there.

I only remember thrifting with her in the last couple of years. Even so- she is a great bargain shopper, and when it came time to look for some dresses for a bachelorette party- she headed straight for Plato's Closet.

Plato's Closet is fabulous if you:

*Are in high school

*Are a bar-star

*Like to find name brand items at discount prices

Plato's Closet is a great consignment store- and they recently opened a shop on the Hamilton Mountain! They will only buy clothing that is either name brand or in season, so you know that you will find something awesome when you go. I found this cute lace tank there just before I went to Madrid for only $3:

My sister's Plato's Closet picks:

These dresses are super cute on her. And all for only $8 each!

The strappy sandals she found are Elie Tahari and she bought them for $20. But they are regularly upwards of $200!!

You can also check out Plato's Closet's website for their Style Blog or Customer's Plato's Closet Stories. Great ideas there, friends.

There really is nothing better for me than to be thrift shopping with people I love. Then, I can pull out great finds for them too! Double the rush! 

If you are looking for a friend to go thrifting with- I'm your girl! Just say the word. Who knows? You might even end up on my blog! ;)


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