Monday, 26 August 2013

My Fall 2013 Value Village 50% Off Scores

It's 50% off day at Value Village again. "Its the most wonderful time of the year"...haha- I realize that Staples has claimed that song, but...oh well....

This morning I texted my friend Leanne, and she, her sister-in-law who was visiting, and I rushed over to get there as close to 9am as possible.

I reminded them to wear their 'thrifting outfits' and so, when it was time to try on all of the clothing we had grabbed off of the racks, we didn't need to wait in the HUGE lineups for the waiting rooms. It pays to follow my blog folks. ;)

Leanne's sister-in-law, Lana, found a few great pieces and Leanne picked up some great tops and a couple things for back-to-school for her son. As well, she snapped up some FABULOUS shelving.

I found some great back-to-school items for my son that is going into grade 1 (!!!!!????), and some great pieces for myself.

Here are the back-to-school clothes first:

This 'Super Hero' shirt went on as soon as we got home. As did the Wolverine claws ($4.99). Now- I am fully aware that these MAY actually be 'Freddy Kruger' claws- but around here, they magically turn this little guy into Wolverine.

Side note: My 2-yr-old had an enormous tantrum because HE didn't get any claws (even though I picked up a 'Hulk' mask for him for $1.99), so I made him some claws out of construction paper and duct tape. Now the 2 of them are fighting over the duct tape claws. Seriously????

For ALL of these clothing items, minus my littlest's rubber boots (which were $3) cost me only $27.30 including tax!

That is- 3 pairs of jeans, 2 button up shirts, a sweater, a reversible hoodie (which kind of counts as 2 hoodies. no??),  2 pairs of pj's, a long-sleeved tee and a pair of rubber boots for those rainy days! 

I'd say that's an amazing deal, indeed.

Now, for MY scores:

I am absolutely in LOVE with this sweater. It just screams "ME", And it only cost me $3!!

These super-cute, skinny green pants were only $3, as well.

I can wear both of these black dresses for doing hair for weddings. Snapped up each one for $6.50. Happiness.

Well, that's all for today's post, friends. Hope you still have enough time to run to the closest Value Village near you. If you do- let me know what scores you found!!


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