Thursday, 15 August 2013

Stumbled Onto A Thrift Center On The Way To 'Fiddler'...

What's better than a day out with the sister? A day out with the sister seeing my favourite musical- Fiddler On The Roof- at the Festival Theatre in Stratford ON.

What is better than that?? Spying a sign for a Thrift Centre from the highway...I know, it's a gift...

You can see by my expression that I was pretty darn excited to find this place. My sister picked up a couple of purses and a necklace. I found an umbrella for the boys, a package of miscellaneous thank-you notes, and tried to find a dress for a wedding that I'm attending this weekend.

The dresses that I tried on were OK, but there wasn't anything that I really loved.  The dresses were $8 each. Which- is a good price- but I could probably find something at Plato's Closet for the same price, and it would probably be more current. (I left my leggings on for speed in the changing room- there was a long line!) 

I did snap up this skirt for $4. It looks a wee bit dowdy in this photo, though. Haha

Then, we were off to see Fiddler On The Roof. It was AMAZING. I definitely recommend it. I wasn't sure that it could live up to the film, and I would know- I've seen it ABOUT a million times and know every word to every song- but they did a spectacular job. 

Enjoying an intermission wine on the terrace. Lovely.

Tunic- $1 Bibles For Missions Thrift Shop
Tank- $5.99 Value Village
Leggings- Cast-off from friend= FREE

 In front of the Festival Theatre.

Sister's dress- $12.99 Value Village
Necklace/ My bracelet- Just One- World Changing Jewelry

(She learns from the best! Haha)

More on my sister's thrifting finds here.

So, to recap, great day with the sister, fabulous time at the Thrift Centre, and AMAZING show at the Festival Theatre. Sigh. Life is good.

Thanks for stopping in friends.


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