Friday, 27 September 2013

In My Closet- A Fabulous Red Maxi Skirt

Today after work, I decided to pop into Talize and see if there was anything that caught my eye. 

When I am not looking for anything in particular, I usually head to the accessories first. That way something great might jump out at me, rather than trying to co-ordinate with an arm-full of clothing that I may have on me

I found a lovely cobalt blue scarf (still loving this colour) with sparrows on it. This worked out well, since I also found a fun cobalt blue sleeveless cardigan.

Just before I hit the change room with an arm-full of potential scores, I sauntered down the skirt rack. This gorgeous red maxi skirt caught my eye right away- which is weird...I don't own ANYTHING red. I guess maybe that's why it caught my eye....

As soon as I slipped it on, I was in love. It is soft, flow-y, and light. AND bright. AND so fun.

I decided to wear it out to dinner with my sister. We ate at Bombay Grill. This time I was smarter than when I posted about my sushi lunch...THIS time I took photos BEFORE my belly was full!! Haha.

Here is my dinner-date with my sister, thrifted outfit:

Maxi Skirt- $6.99 Talize 
Scarf- $3.99 Talize
Denim Vest- $3.50 Talize (also seen here)
Black Flats- $6.99 Talize 

Happy Friday, friends. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend spending some down-time, hopefully with those you love.

It's the perfect time of year to go apple-picking or for a hike through the beautiful newly-changing leaves.

Life is good.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Easy, Chunky, No-Needles Scarf DIY

I am a HUGE fan of big chunky scarves. And now that autumn is upon us- they are always on my mind.

Although I used to knit a little, I simply don't have time to sit and knit myself a scarf these days.

That's why this DIY project is SO fabulous!

It's quick, easy and you don't have to pick up any knitting or crochet needles- you just use your arm!

This DIY Project is found at Simply Maggie.

Again, I will just add a couple of photos to get your interest up. 

There is a step-by-step video (sidenote- I love how her home is decorated!!) as well as photos on her blog.

I can't wait to try this project! Photos will be posted when I do.

If any of you try it- let me know how it goes! :)


A Fabulous No-Sew DIY Tunic

With a sick child at home, I seem to be able to get some things done that I don't always find time for.

Things like laundry and dishes and cleaning and.... who am I kidding? My extra time disappears cruising Pinterest for new blog post inspirations! :)

You may have read my last post on how many of the companies involved seem to be shirking their responsibilities to pay out compensation to victims of the factory collapse in Bangladesh last April. If you did in fact read it, you may be thinking- "I really don't want to be giving these companies my money- but what can I wear otherwise??"

To that I say- "how about some DIY outfits?"

I am going to be posting a few DIY ideas to get people realizing that they don't NEED to be supporting companies that have unethical business practices. 

Between thrifting, clothing swaps, and DIY projects- you can start building a wardrobe that you can feel great about- aesthetically, ethically AND perhaps spiritually (if that applies)...

This little DIY project showed up on my Pinterest feed. Although it says that it is a Maternity Tunic, I think it would look great on just about anyone. AND you can make it in 10 minutes. AND there is no-sewing required. Truly- you cannot beat that.

This project can be found on A Beautiful Mess- I will just add a few snippets to get your interest up enough to check it out:

I really hope you head over to A Beautiful Mess and check this and other posts out.

DIY-ing is a great way to help us control where our hard-earned money goes. And being able to say, "I MADE this!", is a thrill on it's own! Also, if you can pick up some organic, ethically-made fabric, then that is an even bigger win!!

Peace friends.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Victims of the Bangladesh Factory Collapse are STILL Waiting for Compensation

Can you even IMAGINE how it would feel to work in a factory that was deemed unsafe? 

Can you imagine hearing that your factory was on your country's evening news reporting on the huge cracks that were spreading throughout the building?

Then imagine being told that unless you crossed the yellow tape and went to work making textiles for people on the other side of the world- you would lose your job and only source of income for your family.

So, you comply- you go to work, afraid for your life. And then the unimaginable happens. The collapse.


Thankfully you make it out alive. Perhaps injured severely. Perhaps crippled. But you've lost many friends, relatives and loved ones. And the trauma of the accident will never be forgotten.

Now imagine that the companies that you made clothing for are STILL dragging their heels on paying out ANY compensation to you and to any affected by the collapse.

How would you feel? Worthless? Angry? 

I know that I would.

( TIME )

Five months after the tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh, there was a meeting to mediate demands of compensation needed after the collapse. According to TIME, only one third of the companies bothered to even show up in Geneva for it.

Global labour union IndustriALL slammed the retailers, saying: 

Consumers will be shocked that almost a half-year has passed since the Rana Plaza disaster with only one brand so far providing any compensation to the disaster’s victim,”... “I respect those brands that came to these meetings. But I cannot understand brands that are not around the table.” (IndustriALL assistant general secretary Monika Kemperle) 

According to TIME- in the case of Rana Plaza, 1,192 bodies were recovered and 1,900 workers were injured. Using the model set up for the Spectrum collapse, IndustriALL calculated a total compensation of $74,571,101 to be paid between retailers, the Dhaka government and factory owners. The meeting was supposed to initiate discussions between brands on how to divide and expedite payments, and also how to influence Bangladeshi stakeholders to do their share.

One of the companies that didn't show up was Benetton. They said that the Geneva meeting "lacked clarity around the objectives" and that they would "work directly with those affected by the Rana Plaza disaster". Hmmmmmm....sounds familiar, no? Like something Loblaw and Joe Fresh said recently. I guess we will see....

( TIME )

So far the it has been only the Bangladeshi government and the UK brand Primark that have made any contribution. Thanks to them, 3,000 victims have received some payment. At the meeting on Thursday, Primark was the only company to pledge further short-term financial aid.

You can read more about Loblaw and the other retailers that signed the Fire and Building Safety Deal here. I can not seem to find who the one third was that showed up to the Geneva meeting. I will continue to research this.

I really hope this affects you, the reader. I hope this gets you thinking, possibly even MORE, about the items that we buy, where they come from and the companies that supply them to us.

It simply is NOT worth a life, or a even the quality of a life, for us to get our clothing for a few dollars.

Is there blood on your clothes??

Peace and many blessing to all.

Friday, 6 September 2013

My Thrifted Shirts For When I'm In A 'Tribal' Mood

I recently posted about how leopard print was going to be Hot For Fall this year.

Although I am a recent convert to loving animal print, I have always seemed to be drawn to 'tribal-type' patterns and shirts. Right now, I love pairing them with coloured jeans and maxi skirts. I think it makes me feel like an 'earth goddess' or something. ;)

So- here you are, friends. My go-to, thrifted, 'Tribal' tops for when I'm in that mood:

 I snapped up this top at Talize one day. It's super cute with legging or I may pair my green skinnies with them this fall.

Top- $5.99 Talize
Wooden Beaded Necklace- $2.50 BFM Thrift Shop
Wooden Bangles- Both gifts

This top was one of my finds from thrifting in Madrid, Spain. I figured that it would be good for work and it was only 3,95 Euros.

Another one of my fabulous BFM $1 sale finds. I love this top. A lot. I even posted about wearing it to the theater here.

Top- $1 BFM Thrift Shop
Necklace and Bracelet- Just One, World Changing Fashion

(This is a photo I posted the day I found this top. :)  Read it here)

Another favourite top of mine. I love the bright yellow. I love the way it fits. Another top I'm thinking I could pair with my new green skinnies....hmmmmmmm....

White Woven Belt- $1 BFM Thrift shop

This APPEARS to be just another black cardigan....

But the back has a definite wild side. Haha.
(Honestly, this was the BEST photo that I could take of my back. I am NOT skilled.)

I grabbed this black cardigan at my church's last bag sale. Since I helped out in setting up and wouldn't be able to go shopping there the next day, (because I was working) I got to take this lovely Calvin Klein sweater home for free. :)

Oh, and I can't forget about my grey animal print cardigan...I've posted about it here and here.

What do you think, friends? Do you have any animal print or 'tribal-print' items in your closet that you love??


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Braids, Braids And More Braids....

I have mentioned before, but it definitely bears repeating- I LOVE BRAIDS. I realize that it is most likely my inner hippy/ gypsy- but the rest of the world seems to be catching on to this 'Bohemian-Chic' trend.

They are just the best when it comes to freshly-washed, no-time-to-style hair. They are great for day 2, washed-yesterday (or day 3, haha) hair.

They are fast, easy (with a little practice), and always look fabulous.

My cousin sent me a link last night to Fashion Diva Design- 22 Useful Hair Braid Ideas

So, since I was probably due for another hair post- I thought that I would share my favourites with all of you. :)

The Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid is a simple, but surprisingly-intricate-looking braid. If you already know how to french braid, you can do this braid. The only difference is that instead of including the top piece in with the new bottom piece you've picked up- you simply drop it, and continue on this way....

The 'Braid Bun Bang'

You can try this style with a bun, a messy top-knot, or a with sock-bun (extra easy). Simply leave out a section to braid later, make your bun and wrap the braid around the base. Style bangs as usual.

The Front Braid To Bun

This is similar to the previous style, but you would braid your hair first, starting at the front going back towards the nape (I like that they chose to use an inside-out braid for this), secure with an elastic and finish with a sock-bun, or any bun that you choose.

 The Braided Top Knot

This may be the easiest style on this post. And super-cute to boot! Just pull hair loosely into a high ponytail, braid, and secure into a bun by wrapping it around and bobby pinning it in place.

The Fishtail Braid

This braid can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. Instead of braiding with 3 strands, you braid with 2. This braid is very popular for it's bohemian, un-done look- which happens of it's own accord. This may take extra practice to get the hang of, and you need to start off extra tight, because it loosens by the time that you reach the bottom on it's own.

The Fishtail Updo

For this super-sweet updo, you would start your fishtail braid (seen above) on your left side and finish off with it coming down on your right side. you can loosen it a bit and give it a light spray. The fold/roll it staring at the bottom to the side of the nape and secure with bobby pins.

The Braided Topsy Tail

I had to share this one, since it will inevitably be my new go-to style for fall. Secure your hair into a side ponytail, leaving out a section in front of the ear. Flip your ponytail inside-out. French braid the section that was left out loosely and pull it through the 'hole' left in the ponytail. Wrap the rest of the braid around the elastic. Voila- hippy perfection. 

I hope you enjoyed these braids as much as I do. And I hope that I could give you a few pointers to help you achieve them. :)

To see the rest of the braids that were on that post like the 'Braid-y Bunch' or the 'Messy Rope Braids', check out the 22 Useful Braid Ideas.