Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Fabulous No-Sew DIY Tunic

With a sick child at home, I seem to be able to get some things done that I don't always find time for.

Things like laundry and dishes and cleaning and.... who am I kidding? My extra time disappears cruising Pinterest for new blog post inspirations! :)

You may have read my last post on how many of the companies involved seem to be shirking their responsibilities to pay out compensation to victims of the factory collapse in Bangladesh last April. If you did in fact read it, you may be thinking- "I really don't want to be giving these companies my money- but what can I wear otherwise??"

To that I say- "how about some DIY outfits?"

I am going to be posting a few DIY ideas to get people realizing that they don't NEED to be supporting companies that have unethical business practices. 

Between thrifting, clothing swaps, and DIY projects- you can start building a wardrobe that you can feel great about- aesthetically, ethically AND perhaps spiritually (if that applies)...

This little DIY project showed up on my Pinterest feed. Although it says that it is a Maternity Tunic, I think it would look great on just about anyone. AND you can make it in 10 minutes. AND there is no-sewing required. Truly- you cannot beat that.

This project can be found on A Beautiful Mess- I will just add a few snippets to get your interest up enough to check it out:

I really hope you head over to A Beautiful Mess and check this and other posts out.

DIY-ing is a great way to help us control where our hard-earned money goes. And being able to say, "I MADE this!", is a thrill on it's own! Also, if you can pick up some organic, ethically-made fabric, then that is an even bigger win!!

Peace friends.

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  1. I see a lot of fabic at second hand stores and yard sales also! Thanks for sharing! :)