Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Braids, Braids And More Braids....

I have mentioned before, but it definitely bears repeating- I LOVE BRAIDS. I realize that it is most likely my inner hippy/ gypsy- but the rest of the world seems to be catching on to this 'Bohemian-Chic' trend.

They are just the best when it comes to freshly-washed, no-time-to-style hair. They are great for day 2, washed-yesterday (or day 3, haha) hair.

They are fast, easy (with a little practice), and always look fabulous.

My cousin sent me a link last night to Fashion Diva Design- 22 Useful Hair Braid Ideas

So, since I was probably due for another hair post- I thought that I would share my favourites with all of you. :)

The Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid is a simple, but surprisingly-intricate-looking braid. If you already know how to french braid, you can do this braid. The only difference is that instead of including the top piece in with the new bottom piece you've picked up- you simply drop it, and continue on this way....

The 'Braid Bun Bang'

You can try this style with a bun, a messy top-knot, or a with sock-bun (extra easy). Simply leave out a section to braid later, make your bun and wrap the braid around the base. Style bangs as usual.

The Front Braid To Bun

This is similar to the previous style, but you would braid your hair first, starting at the front going back towards the nape (I like that they chose to use an inside-out braid for this), secure with an elastic and finish with a sock-bun, or any bun that you choose.

 The Braided Top Knot

This may be the easiest style on this post. And super-cute to boot! Just pull hair loosely into a high ponytail, braid, and secure into a bun by wrapping it around and bobby pinning it in place.

The Fishtail Braid

This braid can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. Instead of braiding with 3 strands, you braid with 2. This braid is very popular for it's bohemian, un-done look- which happens of it's own accord. This may take extra practice to get the hang of, and you need to start off extra tight, because it loosens by the time that you reach the bottom on it's own.

The Fishtail Updo

For this super-sweet updo, you would start your fishtail braid (seen above) on your left side and finish off with it coming down on your right side. you can loosen it a bit and give it a light spray. The fold/roll it staring at the bottom to the side of the nape and secure with bobby pins.

The Braided Topsy Tail

I had to share this one, since it will inevitably be my new go-to style for fall. Secure your hair into a side ponytail, leaving out a section in front of the ear. Flip your ponytail inside-out. French braid the section that was left out loosely and pull it through the 'hole' left in the ponytail. Wrap the rest of the braid around the elastic. Voila- hippy perfection. 

I hope you enjoyed these braids as much as I do. And I hope that I could give you a few pointers to help you achieve them. :)

To see the rest of the braids that were on that post like the 'Braid-y Bunch' or the 'Messy Rope Braids', check out the 22 Useful Braid Ideas.


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