Friday, 6 September 2013

My Thrifted Shirts For When I'm In A 'Tribal' Mood

I recently posted about how leopard print was going to be Hot For Fall this year.

Although I am a recent convert to loving animal print, I have always seemed to be drawn to 'tribal-type' patterns and shirts. Right now, I love pairing them with coloured jeans and maxi skirts. I think it makes me feel like an 'earth goddess' or something. ;)

So- here you are, friends. My go-to, thrifted, 'Tribal' tops for when I'm in that mood:

 I snapped up this top at Talize one day. It's super cute with legging or I may pair my green skinnies with them this fall.

Top- $5.99 Talize
Wooden Beaded Necklace- $2.50 BFM Thrift Shop
Wooden Bangles- Both gifts

This top was one of my finds from thrifting in Madrid, Spain. I figured that it would be good for work and it was only 3,95 Euros.

Another one of my fabulous BFM $1 sale finds. I love this top. A lot. I even posted about wearing it to the theater here.

Top- $1 BFM Thrift Shop
Necklace and Bracelet- Just One, World Changing Fashion

(This is a photo I posted the day I found this top. :)  Read it here)

Another favourite top of mine. I love the bright yellow. I love the way it fits. Another top I'm thinking I could pair with my new green skinnies....hmmmmmmm....

White Woven Belt- $1 BFM Thrift shop

This APPEARS to be just another black cardigan....

But the back has a definite wild side. Haha.
(Honestly, this was the BEST photo that I could take of my back. I am NOT skilled.)

I grabbed this black cardigan at my church's last bag sale. Since I helped out in setting up and wouldn't be able to go shopping there the next day, (because I was working) I got to take this lovely Calvin Klein sweater home for free. :)

Oh, and I can't forget about my grey animal print cardigan...I've posted about it here and here.

What do you think, friends? Do you have any animal print or 'tribal-print' items in your closet that you love??


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