Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Halloween DIY Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, but if you are like me, you haven't brought out the decor just yet.

If you haven't and are looking for some spooky DIY ideas, keep reading. :)

I found all of these ideas on my favourite, go-to site, Pinterest- of course.

 Pumpkin Decor DIY Ideas 

Paint your pumpkin and add some ribbon. Easy and too cute.

Wrap your pumpkins with tulle and ribbon. Pretty.

Love this one. Paint your  pumpkin and then wrap with  lace or black netting.I have also seen the smaller ones wrapped in black patterned panty-hose or tights.

How easy is this? Simply place a Halloween mask on your pumpkin. Love it.

Very pretty pumpkin DIY.

Who needs to paint the WHOLE pumpkin? You can just paint on some polka dots and a Halloween phrase in pretty lettering.

Decorating with Cheesecloth

Drape some cheescloth  over a white styrofoam ball. Cheescloth is great for making those old-looking, ratty edges.

I think these mason jar mummies are so cute! I always have a ton of jars around, myself. Simply wrap cheesecloth around the jars and add some googly eyes. :)

These juice box mummies are made with white tape, but I think that using cheesecloth instead would add to the 'mummy-feel'.

Outside DIY Ideas

I love these milk jug ghosts.  I made some last year, but never found the battery-operated twinkle lights- but I never looked very hard. So, I just added a little water to weigh them down and put them out anyway. :)

This is a really cute idea for your front door, and SO easy. Just cut out letters from cardstock or bristol board and tie the letters together with raffia or twine. Then add a ribbon to the top. :)

Halloween Costume DIY

Seriously? How adorable is this shark costume? Simply use a grey hoodie, and sew on the white belly and teeth, grey fin and black eyes. 

Indoor DIY Decor Ideas

Wrap a jar with white 'spider-webbing'- (I saved mine from last year!). Add a battery operated tealight and a plastic spider. Cute.

Have the kiddies decorate your wooden stairs to make it look like you have a rodent infestation. You could use construction paper, cardstock or bristol board. They would love it!

Do you have a bunch of coloured party cups in your cupboard? Use a black sharpie and battery-operated tealights, and transform them into an army of jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and skeletons!

Hope you were able to get one or two ideas to help with 'spook-a-fying' your home.

Of course, try to repurpose and reuse whatever you can from what is around your home already. :)

Peace, friends.

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