Sunday, 13 October 2013

Have You 'Kijiji'-ed Lately?

One of the first places that I check when I am in search of second-hand items is Kijiji. You can find such an array of treasures on that site- I could spend hours each day browsing the different categories.

You can find furniture, clothing, appliances, jobs, free stuff, real estate, pets, cars, even community services and events on this site. It is fabulous. I haven't met anyone in the last few years that DIDN'T know about kijiji....but, I thought I should share a bit of background about it, just in case....

My newest Kijiji find: 

I am absolutely loving my new-to-me painted wooden table with 6 chairs that I scored for $80. My other chairs' legs sloped inward at the bottom, and my boys (who can NEVER sit with their WHOLE bum on a chair) were constantly tipping over on them.

These chairs are nice and solid- there should be no tipping...but who knows? Boys are strange. ;)

Side note- I actually found most of my frames that are up on the wall on Kijiji.

And here is a ridiculously great deal that some of my friends found on Kijiji in the summer.

Two custom-made tables, a step and a never-used cover for their hot tub for $35!!

Seriously friends, check it out. The thrifty part of me LOVES the deals to be had. The 'never-new' part of me LOVES the recycling, reusing and repurposing side to the site. There is no down-side folks! Well, a friend of mine DID buy a bed frame off of this site and promptly threw it into the trash. But- that is truthfully the only time I have ever heard of anything like that. AND that couple should have been reported to the site....

Another great find that I snapped up this week was this side table. I loved the bamboo elements of this tables legs. I envision painting it a lime green colour. Perhaps. But- part of me is sad to cover up the strange and interesting markings on the table's top. I found it at the Burlington's Salvation Army Store for $25. Not super-cheap, but you can't put a price on love....

Pretty sure this table will be a bright green soon enough, though...

Does any one out there have an amazing story of a deal that you got on Kijiji? 

Some other friends of mine have furnished almost their entire main floor from Kijiji. Love that.

Thanks for stopping in, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

I hope you all have many things in your lives to be thankful for. I know my cup is overflowing....

"If the only prayer you ever said in your whole life was 'thank-you', that would suffice". ~Meister Eckhart 


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