Tuesday, 1 October 2013

There's A New (To Me) Thrift Shop In Town!

I've been meaning to check out this new(ish) thrift store- The reSource Thrift Shop.

I was so excited!! I love little whole-in-the-wall thrift shops. They always seem to have the best deals, even if you have to dig a little harder to find them.

Unfortunately, I have to say, I was not hugely impressed with their prices. I was expecting them to be similar to BFM prices. But they were not. They DID have a $1 clothing rack, but there wasn't anything that I was interested in personally.

More than some items that I found were priced a wee bit high- in my humble opinion. There was a tricycle (in great shape, mind you) for $25. To me- that isn't a thrift shop price. I would expect to pay that at a second-hand bike shop. I also noticed a lot of the kid's, as well as baby items, were just simply over-priced.

But, if you ask me- I think that it is just an issue of volunteers trying to make as much money for an organization that they believe in. So...I can hardly fault them for that.

I DID pick up this fabulous sconce for my bedroom wall. It was $7. Again, more like the "big-box" (lol) Value Village prices instead of a little independent thrift shop price. But, I loved it. So I splurged. Haha.

I also grabbed a mini skateboard for my oldest son. It wasn't in great shape- but it was only $2 (an appropriate price, I believe).

Unfortunately, my littlest took to it as well....I foresee many fights in the future over this item.

My little one staking his claim in the parking lot. :S

All-in-all not a bad experience. I would definitely pop in again. Now that I know what to expect in regards to their pricing, I won't be surprised next time.

You never know where you are going to find that next amazing gem.


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