Sunday, 3 November 2013

DIY- Ideas For Using Chalkboard Paint Around The Home

Well, now that I am a homeowner (!!), I am trying to decide how to make the space that I will be moving into my own.

How will I get rid of the feeling of "THEIR (the previous owners) house" and make it feel like "MY house".

Probably the easiest, and least expensive way, is by painting.

You can choose the colours, the sheen, and the texture- if you wish. You can choose to make a room feel warmer or feel cooler... bright and cheerful or calm and mellow.

One kind of paint that I will definitely be using in my new home is chalkboard paint.

For those of you who have never heard of such a thing- it is SUCH a fabulous invention! Simply paint it on a surface and transform that surface into a place that you can write/ draw on- and just let your creativity run wild!

Here are some ideas for using chalkboard paint on a small-scale.

For Labeling:

Paint a plate/ platter with chalkboard paint and you have a cheese and cracker plate on which you can identify the different types of cheese for your guests. 

Use it to label your dry pantry items. If you want to change what the jar holds, simply erase the label and write something else on it.

Use chalkboard paint to label mason jars containing office and/or craft supplies.

Love this- paint pots with chalkboard paint and you have a very pretty way to let people know your what your house number is.  

Or you can use chalkboard paint on a bit of a larger scale.

To Personalize Or 'Freshen-up' Your Tired Fridge:

I love the idea of being able to write on my fridge. They are always SO boring.... Although, I DO foresee some chalk on my clothes.....

You can also use Chalkboard paint on a VERY large scale.

On Entire Walls:

I love this idea for a powder room. You can change up the design on the walls whenever the mood strikes. Brilliant. Also an FYI- chalkboard paint comes in an array of colours! So, you don't need to use just black on your walls! Although I think it works beautifully in this room....

Seriously- THIS is a GREAT idea!! I LOVE that they took a likely unused area of the home and made it into a usable, enjoyable, fun space for the kids! :) 

This is a great way to keep the family organized. Everyone can see what is happening that day/ week/ month as they are entering or leaving the house.

Or, you can use chalkboard paint to simply say "I love you".

Such a sweet idea. Reminds me of when I used to find notes from my mom written on napkins in my lunch. Love it.

Well friends, I hope you also found some inspiration for your home somewhere in this post.

All of these photos and more can be found on Pinterest.


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