Wednesday, 27 November 2013

In My Closet- An Eclectic Mix Of Maternity And Non-Maternity Clothing

Well friends, I am now 18 weeks along in my third pregnancy.

I am busy, busy, busy these days- but I DO want to share some of the thrifted maternity outfits that I pull together.

Being 18 weeks along, I can get away with half my closet being maternity clothing and the other half still being my regular clothing. I like to mix and match- if I choose maternity pants, I try to wear non-maternity on top. Only because I know someday soon, it will be all maternity from head-to-toe.

Because I believed that I was finished having kids, I had given away all of my mat clothes. Thankfully, I was able to get them all back, or else I'd be thrifting A LOT more in the coming months....

Even so- you need to freshen up your wardrobe every now and then, so I have thrifted the odd item since I found out that I was expecting this time.

Here is the outfit that I wore today to run some errands:

Black top- Value Village $5.99 (non-maternity)
Purple-ish Cardi- Free from my Clothing Swap (non-maternity) 
Also seen here
Navy Maternity Jegging- from last pregnancy
Stretchy Belt- LOVE these while pregnant! Thrifted long ago.

Scarf- Talize- $4.99

Here is something that I wore 4 weeks ago, and continue to wear all the time. I love wearing layers since our temperatures fluctuate so much while we're pregnant. With layers, you can add or remove easily throughout the day as needed. 

Black Top- (Non-maternity) Value Village $4.99
Cobalt Sleeveless Sweater- (Non-maternity) Talize $4.99
Necklace: Just One- World Changing Fashion

Hope that gives you pregnant girlies out there some ideas on mixing maternity with non-maternity clothing. 

Thanks for reading, I hope to post again soon!


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