Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Band Tees and Bellies. Love.

I just LOVE the 'rocker-chic' look of a band tee on a pregnant belly.

Is it just me?

I thrifted this Bullet For My Valentine tee shortly after I had my second child and it has become one of my favourite go-to tees.

So naturally, I can't bring myself to put it away just yet. I realize that I am treading a fine line between my love for this shirt and stretching it out beyond post-baby recovery, though.... haha. 

Here is my belly in my fav rocker tee:

Tee- (Non- Maternity) Value Village  $5.99
Skinny Jeans- purchased for previous pregnancy

Scarf- FREE.  Cast-off from my Mom (Who actually got it as a cast-off from my baby sister, lol) At least it's stayed in the family...

Chambray Shirt- Sister found at a Goodwill Thrift shop for me. I'm SURE she spent under $5 on it.

Thanks for reading friends. Hope this gives you some ideas for dressing your pregnant and non-pregnant bellies.

Are you all ready for Christmas?

I will be posting some repurposed Christmas ideas in the next couple of weeks and re-posting my blog about real vs artificial trees and which one is case anyone missed that one and is curious....


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