Friday, 6 December 2013

DIY- Kid's Crafty Gifts And Keepsakes

We hear it said over and over during our lives- Christmas is for kids.

But you don't fully understand the truth behind this seemingly simple comment until you have children of your own.

I remember as a twenty-something feeling like something was always 'missing' from Christmas. I now know what it is. 

It's seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. The awe. The wonder. The excitement. You can almost feel your own skin prickling with the anticipation that children feel as it gets closer and closer to Christmas Day.

And, since we as adults know that the best part about the holiday season is giving to others, why not teach our children while they're young this important lesson?

Here are some DIY gifts to make with the kiddies for giving (and keeping). They'll love feeling the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing, and you'll all love the time spent and the memories made.

Some Adorable Gifts Made From Footprints:

Is there anything in the world cuter than a baby or child's footprint? Doubtful.

Reindeer faces.

Love this 'Mistletoes' idea on a plain canvas. Super cute gift and/or keepsake. 

Very cute footprint Christmas Tree idea. 

Crafty Ideas For Hands And Fingerprints

Make a truly original gift for family or friends with your little one's Fingerprint Reindeer Ornament. 

...or use their whole hand and create an adorable Snowman Family Ornament.

I'm loving these Reindeer Handprint Ornaments, as well. 

This handprint and footprint wreath  on canvas is pretty darn cute, too.

Here are a few variations on a very cute keepsake idea. Make a wreath out of cut-out handprints. Love.

It's not really a keepsake- but I simply LOVE this DIY idea! Create a felt tree with felt ornaments and gifts. That way, your toddler will keep his/her hands off the real one!

 And I think that this idea for 'Elf Donuts' to make with the kids and leave out with Santa's cookies is just to die-for-adorable!

I always save all of my paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Now I have a fabulous repurposing DIY idea for  Christmas decorating around the home!! I also have an abundance of baby socks for the hats. My kids would LOVE making these carolers. :)

Here's a beautiful and simple idea to do with the kids. Paint an old or thrifted plate with chalkboard paint and you have yourself a cute Christmas Countdown DIY craft.

My boys would be SO excited to wake up to these GIANT snowmen all over my home. Another cute and easy DIY project that will bring BIG grins! All you need is some construction paper or cardstock.

So, grab your kiddies, some paint, some paper- whatever you have on hand- and go crazy!

They'll love it, and you'll have some beautiful gifts to give at the end!


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