Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In My Closet- Dancing In My Thrifted Green Jeans At 31 Weeks Pregnant

The other night I was invited out for a friend's birthday.

This is a friend that I met at a dance class (belly dancing, to be exact) and many of our nights together have involved dancing up a storm or two.

When I let her hubby know I was on my way, he commented- "I hope you have your dancing shoes on."

"Ridiculous", I thought. I'm huge. I won't even be able to FIT on the dance floor. Haha.

So, off I went.

And I stood on the sidelines and watched them dance. And I wondered what was wrong with me.

So I danced. :)

Yes, I was awkward. Yes, I took up more room than usual. Yes, I wished the room could be darker...

But, all-in-all it was a good time. Of course I had to leave early because I was exhausted- but it was a good time all the same.

Here is the thrifted outfit that I wore out dancing at 31 weeks pregnant:

It really was too dark to get a good photo in front of my full-length  mirror in my room. :(

If you're wondering about all of the fingerprints on my mirror- I posted on those here.

Green Non-Maternity Jeans- Value Village $3 (posted on scoring those here)
Black Maternity Tank- Bought for first pregnancy 7 years ago.
 Clutch (on bed) & Bracelet- Talize $2.99  & Value Village $4.99
Black Boots- years old

I decided to take a couple photos in better lighting. Why is bathroom lighting always better?

I added a blazer(?)- type shirt on top of my tank. I add the question mark because I do not wear blazers. I find them too structured and uncomfortable and would MUCH rather grab a cardigan for warmth.

But I do like the look and feel of this...whatever it is....

Black Short-sleeved 'Blazer'- Cast off from friend, so FREE

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you will all try to do something out of your comfort zones some time, you just might have some fun. :)

Peace, friends.

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  1. You are definitely rocking on!! WTG girl. keep on Shining On!!!