Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Repurposing Old Shutters

Well, I did it. I moved into my very own home. With a lot of help of course.

Things are coming along. Slowly.

Items are finding their place. And some are not.

One item that I loved in my old place was a repurposed shutter. I used it as a bulletin board.

But the previous owners of my new home left a cork board, so I decided to use that instead.

And so, I am searching for a new purpose for my beloved shutter.

I thought that I would share some of the great ideas for old shutters that I came across in my search. On Pinterest- obviously. 

Use 2 smaller shutters to make a cute shelf. Just add some decorative brackets. 

Shutters are perfect for holding your favourite earrings. 

What a great idea! Just add some letters to make any word that has meaning for you.

Love this beautiful bathroom storage idea. 

Using 2 shutters and adding some triangle shelving makes a unique and useful corner shelf.

Now I wish that I had 4 shutters lying around! I just LOVE this side table idea!!

So easy and lovely- simply paint some shutters in a bold colour and use them as decorative accents.

Pretty and useful. Store your magazines or cookbooks on some old shutters.

Great idea for repurposing old shutters into a rolling kitchen island.

And here is what I will likely do with MY shutter. I will be using it for a coat rack at my back door. I will be on the hunt for some rustic hooks or doorknobs for this project.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you enjoyed this post, friends. Anyone going to use any of these ideas?? 

 I apologize for being MIA through my packing, working, and moving process.... I hope to post again soon.



  1. Those are amazing ideas! There are really tons of things you can do to old shutters! I love the one where you can turn them into a shelf to hold your books, as well as the ones where the word “Love” was placed on it. I think those look gorgeous. 

    Greg Arnett

    1. Thank-you for the comment, and for reading! :)