Wednesday, 21 May 2014

S-weet Ideas For S- Hooks Around The Home

The other day I was rummaging through my tool-bench - which is really just a mish-mash of screwdrivers, screws, nails, and a hammer- and came across a bag of S-hooks.

I'm not quite sure where or when I purchased these hooks. Most likely I acquired them at the ReStore or at Reuse Center on one of my visits.

I decided to check Pinterest for some ideas of how to use these hooks around my home and I found some really fabulous ones.

For Your Bedroom Closet:

These hooks are great for keeping purses,



and belts organized.

I also love this idea of attaching bars to the underside of shelving and hanging hooks from there. Its a great way to utilize some unused space.

For The Kitchen:

I really like this idea for hanging mugs so that they are right where you need them. I think that this idea would look as cute with mismatched mugs as with a matching set.

How wonderful is this idea for a hanging herb garden? All you need is a tension rod and you can grow these herbs anywhere.

I love, love, love this repurposed ladder into pot/ pan holder. Seriously cute.

For Play:

These hooks are a simple way to hang dress up clothes and costumes for the kids.

 And what a great way to keep craft supplies and hardware organized.

For The Front Hall Or Closet:

They are an easy and clutter-free way to keep everything you need on your way out the door close at hand.

 I love this idea for keeping shoes organized. I could see boots held together with a binder clip or something similar hanging on these hooks as well.

Just a few ideas to encourage you to think of new ideas for old products.

I love that you can find similar bars to these (to hang the hooks on) at any thrift shop for a few dollars in with the bathroom supplies. You can find various colours, or spay paint the bars to be any colour that you wish.

Happy thrifting/ repurposing!


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Make A Statement With A Statement Necklace

I am now at the point after having a baby when I hate all of my clothes. Nothing fits. Maternity clothing is too big. My normal clothes are still too small. I refuse to buy anything in between. Well, I refuse to buy MUCH in between....

So I decided to do a post on accessories instead of thrifted outfits. Accessories fit no matter what your waist size is. ;)

I am seeing 'Statement Necklaces' all over again this season.

I am a big fan.

I especially LOVE when they are paired with a simple tee or a chambray (denim) shirt.

I was checking out Talize's website to see if they had a sale coming up any time soon, and they had a post on Statement Necklaces, as well. 

Whether you are looking at thrift shops or consignment shops, Statement Necklaces are a fabulous way to keep current for a relatively small amount of money.

Here are some of my favourite Statement Necklace with 'Tees' looks:

Here are some paired with button-down tops. I simply LOVE the first one with the two layered necklaces. Beautiful.

Here is a way to make your own DIY statement necklace. You just need to wind a few thinner, similar chains around one another. What a great idea! You can find gold chains at thrift shop for just a few dollars each.

Alternatively, if you prefer beads to bling, or if you prefer to not have to dig through thrift shops for jewelry, OR if you just want to support a local, fairly-traded accessory company- you can buy one of these beautiful Statement Necklaces from JustOne. I did a post on this fabulous company here.

These Ugandan Necklaces range from $25-$28 each. 

How do YOU like to wear YOUR Statement Necklace?

If you DO go looking for necklaces at Talize- bring in a couple of large bags of clothing and you will receive 20% off your purchase. :)


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Babymooning In The Never New Home

(Capturing Imagination Photography

Twelve days ago my life changed yet again.

My third child, a baby boy, was born.

Lately I have been sharing about how nervous I have been coming up to his birth. About how scared I was that I couldn't handle another child. About how worried I was that I wouldn't bond with him.

Even in the midst of labour, my nurse asked me if I wanted him put up on my chest right away, or if I would prefer him to be taken to be cleaned and weighed first.

I didn't know how to answer.

What if they put him on me and I felt absolutely nothing for him? 

I don't believe I even DID give her an answer. Circumstances decided for me. They had seen a tiny bit of meconium in my amniotic fluid and when he came out, they assessed him and said "he's not breathing"...which was a GOOD thing. That meant that he had not breathed any of the meconium into his lungs, thankfully.

But, when I heard "He's not breathing" my motherly instincts kicked into high gear and I was so fearful for his health. I watched helplessly as they took him to the table and aspirated him. Still not hearing any noise from him, I looked at my friend who was in the room with me. She and all the doctors and nurses seemed calm. I wondered why no one else seemed worried! "He's still not breathing!" I thought.

When I finally heard his strong little cry, my heart began to melt. "He's okay", I sighed.

And so I began to fall desperately in love with my newest little man.

I can't help but want to protect him from any dangers that may come in his life. 

I can't stop my lips from grazing his soft little head. His cheeks. His mouth.

Turns out I DID have enough love in me to give. And my other two boys have been falling in love, too. 

Now we have the perfect little family. Me and my three boys.

And I couldn't be happier.

Or more tired. ;)