Thursday, 15 May 2014

Make A Statement With A Statement Necklace

I am now at the point after having a baby when I hate all of my clothes. Nothing fits. Maternity clothing is too big. My normal clothes are still too small. I refuse to buy anything in between. Well, I refuse to buy MUCH in between....

So I decided to do a post on accessories instead of thrifted outfits. Accessories fit no matter what your waist size is. ;)

I am seeing 'Statement Necklaces' all over again this season.

I am a big fan.

I especially LOVE when they are paired with a simple tee or a chambray (denim) shirt.

I was checking out Talize's website to see if they had a sale coming up any time soon, and they had a post on Statement Necklaces, as well. 

Whether you are looking at thrift shops or consignment shops, Statement Necklaces are a fabulous way to keep current for a relatively small amount of money.

Here are some of my favourite Statement Necklace with 'Tees' looks:

Here are some paired with button-down tops. I simply LOVE the first one with the two layered necklaces. Beautiful.

Here is a way to make your own DIY statement necklace. You just need to wind a few thinner, similar chains around one another. What a great idea! You can find gold chains at thrift shop for just a few dollars each.

Alternatively, if you prefer beads to bling, or if you prefer to not have to dig through thrift shops for jewelry, OR if you just want to support a local, fairly-traded accessory company- you can buy one of these beautiful Statement Necklaces from JustOne. I did a post on this fabulous company here.

These Ugandan Necklaces range from $25-$28 each. 

How do YOU like to wear YOUR Statement Necklace?

If you DO go looking for necklaces at Talize- bring in a couple of large bags of clothing and you will receive 20% off your purchase. :)


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