Wednesday, 21 May 2014

S-weet Ideas For S- Hooks Around The Home

The other day I was rummaging through my tool-bench - which is really just a mish-mash of screwdrivers, screws, nails, and a hammer- and came across a bag of S-hooks.

I'm not quite sure where or when I purchased these hooks. Most likely I acquired them at the ReStore or at Reuse Center on one of my visits.

I decided to check Pinterest for some ideas of how to use these hooks around my home and I found some really fabulous ones.

For Your Bedroom Closet:

These hooks are great for keeping purses,



and belts organized.

I also love this idea of attaching bars to the underside of shelving and hanging hooks from there. Its a great way to utilize some unused space.

For The Kitchen:

I really like this idea for hanging mugs so that they are right where you need them. I think that this idea would look as cute with mismatched mugs as with a matching set.

How wonderful is this idea for a hanging herb garden? All you need is a tension rod and you can grow these herbs anywhere.

I love, love, love this repurposed ladder into pot/ pan holder. Seriously cute.

For Play:

These hooks are a simple way to hang dress up clothes and costumes for the kids.

 And what a great way to keep craft supplies and hardware organized.

For The Front Hall Or Closet:

They are an easy and clutter-free way to keep everything you need on your way out the door close at hand.

 I love this idea for keeping shoes organized. I could see boots held together with a binder clip or something similar hanging on these hooks as well.

Just a few ideas to encourage you to think of new ideas for old products.

I love that you can find similar bars to these (to hang the hooks on) at any thrift shop for a few dollars in with the bathroom supplies. You can find various colours, or spay paint the bars to be any colour that you wish.

Happy thrifting/ repurposing!


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