Friday, 6 June 2014

Three's A Crowd

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Since my littlest man has come into my life, I feel I am constantly running short on free hands, free time, free space.

The old saying that "three's a crowd" is definitely true.

When we sit down for dinner, the table is a little more crowded than it was before. More than that- my chair is more crowded as it usually seats two of us now.

When I drive anywhere with my sister and brother-in-law in the car as well- the stroller has to go back into the house because there is simply no room for it. 

My bedroom is no longer my own and is constantly home to mountains of laundry- mine, as well as piles of sleepers, onesies and receiving blankets.

My living room that used to be somewhat clutter-free now has a baby swing, a vibrating chair, countless blankets and nursing accessories all strewn about.

My life is more crowded. Absolutely.

But my life is more full.

During the long nights, as I have my quiet one-on-one feeding time with my son, and he caresses my skin with those tiny fingers, I am so thankful that for now my bed is a bit crowded.

When I sneak into my other sons' room after they are supposed to be asleep and my middle child hears me and asks to cuddle, and proceeds to kiss and hug me over and over and tell me he loves me- I am so thankful that I don't have free space in my home. Every room in my house is filled with family- what a comfort that is to me.

When I sit down to help my oldest with his homework and am blown away by this baby that I once held in my arms, now able to read and write... When I watch him from the sidelines of his soccer games- his face lit up with excitement... I am thankful for my lack of free time.

Yes, my life is more crowded. Lacking in free time, space and hands.

But again- it is more full.

My home is more full of life.

My heart is more full of love.

My spirit is more full of hope.


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