Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hair Post- Considering A Lob

It was considered the "IT" hairstyle for 2013. Soooooo, I guess that means that I am a year late to the party.

But I am now considering a Lob Haircut.

The term "Lob" refers to a long bob. A Lob should be shoulder-length or slightly longer. It should be relatively blunt at the bottom (or at least, those are the ones that I prefer), with very little layering throughout. You can have a Lob with bangs or without.

Considering my hair right now is halfway down my back (or a bit longer than that), I need to give it a bit more thought. 

I also need to consider my laziness and lack of time (but mostly laziness) when it comes to keeping up a haircut. Right now I cut my hair every few months, but with a lob, I would need to cut it every 8 weeks or so to keep it's shape.

Whether or not I take the plunge and actually cut my locks, the Lob is definitely my favourite hairstyle right now.

Here are some of my favourite Lobs:

Straight Lobs

Wavy Lobs

Curly Lobs

What do you think? Are Lobs a hit or a miss in your opinion?

I'll be sure to update with a photo IF I do cut my hair....If it's in good-enough shape- I'm hoping to donate it......

Thanks for reading.



I actually ended up hacking at it myself the next morning.

I figured if I waited, I would lose my nerve.

My pile of cut hair. Unfortunately it was too processed/ not quite long enough to donate. :(

After my hair was cut, I put some waves in with a 1 1/4 inch curling iron.

After- my bathroom selfie. ;) 

After- with my sister's professional camera  

Loving the Lob so far. Hoping I can keep it up.... I've already decided that it WILL be long again, though. ;)